Green Teen: Meet Miss Eco

By Arwa Lodhi

“I want to inspire others to live an ethical lifestyle.” So says  Rebecca Drysdale, who competed for the Miss Eco title against over 50 regional finalists at the Miss England Finals this year.


The Miss Eco round challenges any preconceived notions about pageant competitions, as it’s not just about aesthetic beauty. It’s about being creative, resourceful and above all, environmentally aware. Rebecca 19, is passionate not only about the environment, but also about helping those living in poverty as she regularly helps  homeless women on the streets of her home city of Nottingham and has done much to  funds for the Miss World charity,  Beauty With a Purpose.  


The young beauty feels she’s learned a lot from her experience in the competition, and is eager to pass on what she’s learned about ethical fashion: “Working in partnership with Miss England, has been a fun, creative and successful experience in positively raising awareness of ethical fashion. It’s a great way to show and inspire the recycling and upcycling of waste materials.”

The aim of the Miss Eco round is to raise  environmental awareness and boost the profile of ethical fashion through a variety of positive and engaging initiatives, events and projects worldwide, so it makes sense to have We Do Ethical Fashion link into the competition. They have provided the beauty pageant with advice on ethical fashion and their site is now hosting  video tutorials from the regional Miss England finalists on these topics.


Commenting on her own dedication to being eco friendly, Rebecca says she always makes sure to reduce her consumption of fast fashion and recycle as much of the waste she generates as possible. She’s even started making her own clothes from found objects: “Since the Eco round I have been inspired to make new clothes out of old ones and hopefully get others to do so as well”, she says. “I plan to show what I make on social media and  make it a hot fashion to be Eco!”



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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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