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A graduate of Sustainability and Fashion studies, Greta Eagan is a New York based blogger with a sharp eye for the uptown boho style that so defines Big Apple chic. We learned much from our first Eluxe Blogger interviewee about all kinds of cool new brands, and why we should wash our clothes less.


Why did you decide to have a ‘green’ focus for your blog, FashionMeGreen?

Once I focused my graduate studies on sustainability and fashion, I was all in on a lifestyle that supported both style and sustainability. The rest is history.

Why do you think bloggers are becoming increasingly important in the publishing world?

Well, we are an outside voice that doesn’t have to run triple checks with a board or other overseeing group of people to publish content and say what we want and mean. That kind of honest and unfiltered perspective is very valuable.

Which green fashion labels are currently in your top 5 lust-list?

My fab five are: David Peck, Svilu, The Sway NYC, Carrie Parry, and Amour Vert

How do you merge ethical and non-ethical brands in your wardrobe?

My wardrobe has gradually shifted to encompassing more eco brands because when I purchase new pieces I like to support those brands and independent designers. Yet, if I go secondhand shopping, I will purchase all kinds of brands who meet the standard of what I am looking for. So, there is always a mix of both.

Do you use any green beauty products?

Absolutely! I am a bit of a beauty junkie. My favourites at the moment are: Green People Cleanser & Makeup Remover, Herbal Magic Roll-on Deodorant, Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, and DeVita Absolute Minerals Liquid Eyeliner.
Which new green labels do you see as up and coming?

Some of the brands I see as taking off include: Svilu, Mayiet, Pickwick & Weller, Sydney Brown and Amour Vert.

Which is better: buying green, or buying vintage?

They say that the most sustainable purchase you can make is to buy something that already exists- so vintage.

What’s your position on leather? Fur?

If the leather and fur truly are a bi-product of the meat industry, I like to think that we honor the death of that animal by using the whole animal. However, there is a lot of conflicting information out there as to how the meat industry works and what animals are subjected to. My preference is purchase pieces which use upcycled leather from previously produced pieces, and only to buy fur that is truly vintage and has been around for a long time.

Which shopping habits do you think are the most important ones consumers need to change?

Buy less. Wash your clothes a little less too- they last longer and it saves water. Align your values and your wallets with your wardrobe and spend the little bit of extra time checking labels to see where pieces are made and out of what materials before you buy.

Any last words?

Take baby steps. No need to push yourself off the ‘green’ cliff. Just make small adjustment and you will find that over time they add up!


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Chere Di Boscio

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