Eluxe Exclusive: Diane Pernet Interview

By Chere Di Boscio

Diana was the Greek Goddess of the hunt, so it seems an appropriate name for Diane Pernet, as this respected journalist, critic, creator, film maker, photographer, designer and curator is always on the hunt for new fashion, design and talent. Her wealth of experience was key in the development of her website, A Shaded View on Fashion, which she has since expanded into a film festival, entitled A Shaded View on Fashion Film.

All throughout Paris, her current place of residence, Diane’s style is hard to miss: she tends to wear voluminous black frocks (often adorned with bejewelled spiders) and a veil reminiscent of some kind of Gothic Spanish widow. It’s her unique vision and style that caught the eye of Celso Fadelli, CEO of the  Intertrade Group, which led to their collaboration and the creation of four fragrances, which were recently launched at Liberty, London.

To help publicise the scents and to feed her passion for film, Diane selected Mike Figgis to produce a series of short fashion movies dedicated  to the fragrances. Directed by the Oscar-nominated British director and styled by fashion editor  Tina Leung, they debuted online with the launch at Liberty. The project presents a vision of beauty influenced  by cinema, music,  and of course, fashion, and each movie is inspired by Mike’s experience of the perfumes, which all capture an intimate aspect  of Diane Pernet’s persona.  The four fragrances are: the woody ‘To be Honest’, the oriental ‘Wanted’,  the citrusy ‘In pursuit of Magic’ and the ocean-fresh ‘Shaded’.

Here, in this exclusive interview, we tried to uncover more about this fascinating woman and her passions.



Diane Pernet Paris_details shot

Everyone has their own scent. What’s yours like?

Hypnotic, serene, invigorating, sexy

You never seem to sit still, but what do you do when you have some free time?

Have tea with friends, watch films, visit exhibitions.

What are the most beautiful things left in this world gone mad?

Nature, natural beauty, music, love

paul_mouginot_purple_diane_pernet_perfume_launch-126 paul_mouginot_purple_diane_pernet_perfume_launch-4

What are the most essential elements of a fragrance?

Good raw materials.

Which aromas make you happiest?

(The smell of) church makes me feel serene and heavenly. The woods. I love the smell of trees, flowers. The scent of nature, clementines…I don’t know why.

paul_mouginot_purple_diane_pernet_perfume_launch-22 paul_mouginot_purple_diane_pernet_perfume_launch-117

In which ways is your new group of scents a reflection of you?

In every way. Each scent is a different dimension of my being.

You moved from America to Paris–a city famous for style. What does Paris smell like, for you?

That depends on the location. The Bois du Bouglogne smells like roses, depending on the season. But the metro smells like pee!

You’ve made films, create a group of scents, designed clothing…what’s next for  you?

Constantly building my fashion film festival and writing my autobiography.  Giving an “in conversation with” talk at Fashion Forward in Dubai this season, titled Fashion and Film: the cross-pollination between.  And of course, creating more scents.


Diane Pernet by Jean Luc Dupont

Diane’s  collection was unveiled at Joyce Gallery Paris this September and  is currently available in all Avery Perfume Gallery stores worldwide.

Black and white image: Alessandro Simonetti


Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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