Christy Turlington’s Natural Beauty Secrets Revealed

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By Diane Small

Supermodel, marathon runner, mother and yoga enthusiast Christy Turlington is a role model for anyone who wants to live a natural life, beautifully. Not only is she an anti-fur activist and advocate of healthy living, she’s also founded Every Mother Counts  (EMC), a nonprofit with the stated goal of preventing the nearly 300,000 maternal deaths that occur every year around the world.


Turlington has made looking good her business, literally–she’s a partner in the Ayurvedic skincare range Sundar, and has created stylish yoga wear for the eco-friendly brand Puma.

Still looking radiant in her mid-40s, Eluxe reveals Christy’s natural beauty secrets for getting gorgeous and living sustainably.

Chrity Turlington Eternity Night

Eating & Diet

Though she’s not a vegetarian, Christy says she has always eaten well, focusing mainly on fresh fruit and vegetables as well as white fish for nutrition: “I tend to be more of a vegetarian than a carnivore. When I was younger I got into yoga seriously and gave up meat, but when I fell pregnant I had cravings for protein, so I listened to my body–in the way yoga teaches you–and started to eat meat from time to time,” she admits.

Although she says she’s not a ‘big supplement person,’ after her hair began to thin somewhat, she decided to do something about it nutritionally. Now, she takes Imedeen Time Perfection supplements for skin, hair and nails, and claims this has thickened her hair noticeably. As for favourite foods, avocado, sweet potatoes and tahini are what she most craves–the supermodel claims she has no sweet tooth whatsoever, so no wonder she says: “I don’t detox, but I do cleanse periodically. It could be juices are simple veggies with very little olive oil and salt.”


Beauty Products

Nude lipsticks, thick mascara and under eye concealers are a must for the supermodel, whose daily look is basic nude: “I don’t like to put much on my skin,” she explains. Despite the fact that Turlington is into holistic health, she claims she’s not yet a fan of organic makeup–a bit of a surprise to us! (maybe she hasn’t found the right products yet?) That being said, she does believe in using organic skincare ranges, such as Juicy Beauty, Sundari Nourishing Nighttime Oil, Rodin body oil and Rahua Shampoo and Finishing Treatment, and instead of wearing chemical perfumes, Ms Turlington prefers dabbing essential lavender and rose oils on her pulse points.




Christy knows that exercise is the key to holding back the years and maintaining a slim figure. She is a long-time yoga practitioner, and takes classes that focus on “the back, chest and abs, including plank poses, side planks and other core strength exercises.” Recently, she decided to give her body a stronger workout by taking up running. She found she loved the sport so much, she’s even run marathons! Her best time to date is 3 hours 46 minutes.

Her one essential yoga posture is the headstand, which she says helps her sleep better. She also takes a long, hot bath with Epsom salts after a long run to calm down.


Mindful Beauty

Christy knows that beauty comes from inside, as well as out. A calm mind and kindness definitely reflect on the face. For this supermodel, to achieve such inner bliss, it’s all about yoga to get her to stay in the present. “I’ve done marathons and given birth and felt stressed out about this or that–and the yoga is there. It’s about the equanimity of any moment, no matter how hard. You find that first on the mat, and then the mat is everywhere,” she says. In fact, the model even finds time to meditate – while she’s running! “When I’m running, I find hearing my own breathing to help keep my pace is very meditative.”

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Diane Small
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