Blogger of the Week: Sarirah of Pretty Not Included

Bloggers have a huge impact on what we decide to buy, especially beauty bloggers, who are often our first point of reference for how a product actually works, feels and performs. We always enjoyed reading cat-loving, tea drinking Sarirah’s blog, Pretty Not Included, but we were super-delighted to see that she’s now included quite a bit about organic beauty products too.

Here, she talks to Eluxe about fracking, war and tolerance.

How would you describe the focus of your blog?

Beauty with a strong focus on skincare. I am very much into natural and organic brands now so I try and steer it in that direction. Overall, it’s my personal platform to express my skin concerns and how I tackle them whether it be on a daily basis through makeup or more long term through lifestyle and skincare.


Which other blogs have inspired you?

The first blog I ever bookmarked was Vivianna Does Makeup.Both her blog and YouTube channel are favourites of mine. I like her style. In recent months, I’ve also become an avid reader of Genuine Glow. The array of skincare she talks about is lovely. It was her who really got me into the brand One Love Organics.

To what extent are natural beauty products important to you?

I try to make as many elements of my skincare routine natural/organic products as possible. These are the products that I use directly onto my bare skin and the most number of times so I want them to hold as many beneficial ingredients as possible. I find it difficult sourcing natural makeup when it comes to bases – it’s hard enough finding a suitable shade from the mass brands. However, RMS Beauty and Inika always hold staple places in my makeup bag for colour and eyeliner.


What are you proudest of so far in your career as a blogger?

 My blog’s biggest moment was probably being featured in The Sunday Times Style a few weekends ago. Generally, I’m actually proudest that I’ve kept up with blogging for 3 years so far and still enjoy it and the fact that I know people read it and genuinely enjoy doing so.  

What are your favourite ‘green’ skincare, food, home or fashion brands?

 Oh, I could write a list as long as my arm with skincare brands but to name a few favourites: One Love Organics, Oskia, Therapi Honey and Nourish. Food wise, I’m one of those who will bring home a Holland & Barrett haul of nuts, seeds.


Which high profile person trying to make a difference do you most admire, and why?

 I answered this question last because after thinking long and hard nobody specific came to mind. So instead, I’ll pick a type or group of people that I admire most. Innocent people who find themselves stuck in a war zone who manage to remain strong and stick together. It always serves as a remind as to how lucky we really are in the lives we lead and how there’s so much more we could do to appreciate it better.  

When and where are you happiest?

 Whenever I’m in good company – whether that be family or friends including cats.  


Which environmental issues are most important to you?

 I’ve taken an interest in fracking and organisations that promote the education of what it is and the negative effects. And saving the bees! I like that brands such as Neal’s Yard and Chatecaille developed products where some of the profits were donated to organisations that help protect the bees. Generally speaking, what’s most important to me is looking at how we can move forward in a sustainable manner and educating ourselves on the long term effects of our actions. The thought that we are so slowly destroying the planet for future generations is scary!

What’s the main thing you think we all need to do to ensure a better future?

There are lots of things I thought of writing as my answer for this. Not being ignorant, making an effort to take care of each other and our planet but something that always strikes me as lacking in society is tolerance. I think we all need to be more tolerant and have acceptance of the people around us.
Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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