Amber Valletta Hits the High Street with H&M

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By Arwa Lodhi

Amber Valletta has lent her famous face once again to an ethical retailer: but this time it’s one we can all afford.

The supermodel cherry picked ethical clothing herself for her Master and Muse collection for Yoox. The inclusion of loads of brands we love, like Daniel Silverstein, The Sway, and H. Fredriksson, reflected Amber’s good taste. This time, though, she’s backing high street brand  H&M’s two newest eco-friendly collections. Conscious and Conscious Exclusive will be available from 10th April 2014 and will feature  fashion essentials made with highly sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, Tencel ®, hemp and recycled materials.


“I’m very excited to work with the H&M Conscious campaign, because we share the same values about sustainability,” says Amber. ‘This collection shows that you can be as mindful about people and the environment as fashion conscious. I simply love the designs and the fact that all the pieces are made with organic, recycled and cellulose fabrics shows that you don’t need to compromise fashion for sustainability anymore”.


Ever Manifesto, a sustainable think tank that shares H&M’s commitment to a more sustainable future, is the genius behind the design of the Conscious Exclusive collection. The pieces are  ‘dramatic and intricately detailed’, taking inspiration from a mix of boho and flamenco elements, all whilst highlighting the wonders that can be done with eco-friendly materials.


Amber had no hesitation backing yet another ecochic initiative and declared herself a fan of H&M’s latest endeavour: “It’s all cool, and fashionable and modern and contemporary, and I think that’s what consumers are going to relate to. It has this positive aspect, but it looks great.”

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