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Amber Valletta: Master & Muse

By Arwa Lodhi

A model for over 20 years, Amber Valletta has been the Muse to many a photographer, designer and editor, but after so many years in the industry, she’s also become something of a Master of fashion.

Valletta is a woman who knows the industry intimately, and she knows exactly what she wants from it–namely, sustainability.


Master & Muse is Valletta’s new e-commerce project with Yoox , which is focused firmly on ethical and environmentally responsible fashion. The model has selected the pieces for sale herself, and has chosen from a range of ethical fashion’s top designers, including seductively sheer evening wear from  Daniel Silverstein’s line 100% NY,  pure wool skirts from M. Patmos, cool, recycled leather bags and jackets from  the Sway, and elegant jute clutches from  Kayu.  We would have chosen pretty much the same items ourselves!

Besides having eyes well trained to spot good design and a sharp brain for business, Valletta has a huge heart, as evidenced by her care for the planet.


Her bungalow home in California features solar panels, which help heat the house and energise her Tesla charging station. She plans to participate in her town’s water conservation program, and also supports a number of environmental charities, such as Oceana and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, as well as promoting ethical consumption through Master & Muse, of course. She does all she can to ensure the future of the planet for generations to come, because what really inspires her isn’t fashion, or modelling, but the environment itself. As she told Vogue Magazine this month:

“I grew up in Oklahoma, around nature, so that’s what inspires me. The farther away from it I am, the less peaceful I feel.”

To see Amber’s rather wonderful selection of eco-designs, click here.

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