Blogger of the Week: Ada Kallgren

We love the  ETHICALSTYLEBLOG.COM. A  space dedicated to the best of ethical and sustainable fashion, we feel the blog truly shares Eluxe’s dedication to ‘slow fashion.’

Founded by Ada Kallgren, who states she ‘wants to promote a more sustainable attitude to fashion consumption by putting an emphasis on style rather than fashion,’ the blog is read by all those who seek a  source of conscious style inspiration.

Here, Ada shares her tastes, opinions and thoughts on blogging.

Why do you think bloggers are becoming increasingly important in the publishing world?

Blogging has been initiated and embraced by the new generation. It is instant, personal and tells a story, making it fit well into the lives and values of young people today. The publishing world, like any industry, has to adjust to changes in order to stay on track.

MaisonMartinMargiela vintage couture2

Maison Martin Margiela’s vintage couture

Which green fashion labels are currently in your lust-list?

There’s so many great brands out there. I love Vivienne Westwood, SUNO, Honest by Bruno Pieters, Organic by John Patrick, Carla Fernandez, Valentine Gauthier, and Myrtle. At the moment I am co-organising a sustainable fashion event at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week S/S 14 Stockholm called  Future Fashion Exhibition, working with great Swedish ethical labels such as Restructional Clothing, REVERY, Alice Fine and MINNAPALMQVIST.

How do you merge ethical and non-ethical brands in your wardrobe?

I’ve always kept my wardrobe quite small because I don’t like the idea of having loads of ‘stuff’. When I buy a garment I want to think of it as an investment, something that is easy/interesting to match, that I can wear for years and that can become part of me. With that I’m happy to spend a bit of extra money when I do buy something. My wardrobe consists mainly of ethical fashion, vintage and borrowed/swapped items.

Do you use any green beauty products?

I always look out for ethical/environmentally friendly alternatives when I go shopping for beauty products. I like Eco Tools for example.

Which new green labels do you see as up and coming?

ROMBAUT! Beautiful minimalistic shoes made with biodegradable fig tree bark. They look like a collaboration between Doc Martens and Maison Martin Margiela. Unfortunately they only do men’s shoes at this time.

mbfw mexico7

Carla Fernandez at Mexico Fashion Week

Which is better: buying green, or buying vintage?

Vintage (or second hand) garments I suppose are better for the environment, but it also depends on how often the garments are being washed/ironed etc. I think that new garments will always be produced and with technology making progress every day, perhaps soon the lifespan of a new garment will require the same or less energy usage than the lifespan of a vintage/second hand garment. I’d like to support this development as well as supporting the most environmentally friendly option to date, so with that I’m mixing green and vintage.



What’s your position on leather? Fur?

I don’t buy any new leather or fur – just vintage or ‘vegetarian/vegan’ alternatives. It’s a tough one though, some people say that fake fur/leather is worse because it requires more toxic treatment than the authentic material, but as a vegetarian I don’t like the idea of buying new leather or fur. Perhaps I should just stick to vintage.

Which shopping habits do you think are the most important ones consumers need to change?

Buy less and don’t follow trends so much.

With fast fashion it has become so easy to stay on-trend that anyone can do it and it’s not that interesting anyway.

What’s interesting to me is people who are confident about their own taste and style and good at identifying the items that they are going to wear, work and love for a long time.

Achieving this also allows you to consume less and consume better.

Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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