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17 Easy Vegetarian Recipes for Kids To Make

By Lora O’Brien

For many of us, summer means more time with kids. And that’s a beautiful thing. But sometimes, even  access to open, sunshine filled parks and swimming pools can get a bit boring, and it’s a bit tough to think of what to do with them – and sometimes, what to feed them!

In a world where healthy eating has never been more accessible, it’s our duty as adults to educate children on the importance eating good, healthy food. Children are impressionable, and if they grow up on sugary and fast foods, they’re going to think  that’s just the normal way of eating. It’s down to us to keep their food exciting and tasty whilst taking care of their health and well-being. One way to do this is to teach them to cook, and these  Vegetarian Recipes for Kids are the perfect way to start.

Whilst vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are somewhat controversial with some parents, as many (falsely) believe ‘kids need meat’, plenty of moms, from Ellen Fisher of Mango Island Mamma, and  Monami Frost, to Cissy Lala and the Aaron Family,  are showing just how healthy and inspiring  a vegetarian lifestyle can be. And even if your kids do eat the occasional burger, I’ve  come up with some fun vegetarian foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert that your little ones will love to  make for themselves. Each recipe can be adapted to a vegan lifestyle, too.

1.  Vegan Friendly Pancakes

Though you may have to do the flipping of these flapjacks for the younger ones, kids around 10 or so can have fun cooking these – they can even play with the shapes and sizes on the pan. Kids of all ages can mix the batter of course, and the most fun part is adding the toppings: berries, coconut flakes, chopped nuts, agave syrup, you name it!

Get the recipe here.  


2. Sticky  Bun Chia Pudding

Let’s face it: though they’re delicious, sticky  buns just aren’t part of a healthy breakfast. But this chia pudding is, and it offers all the mouth-watering flavours of a sticky bun! This nut-milk based recipe is super easy for kids of all ages to make.

Get the recipe here.


3. Vegan Pizza

Pizza is such a great way to let your children get creative and a little mucky in the kitchen. I used to love making my own pizza toppings and waiting as it baked in the oven. Set your children up with a dough of their own and let them top their pizza with lots of veggies. If, like me, your children find a tomato base a little boring, why not mix things up with a creamy green dressing? You could even use a shop-bought pesto if you’re in a rush (just check for pure ingredients and no nasty additives).

Get the recipe here.  


4.  Carrot Hot Dogs

Real hot dogs contain  god-only-knows-what disgusting animal parts and artificial flavours, and yet so many parents feed them to their kids! Let yours enjoy a healthier vegan version instead. Kids can dress these up with as many condiments as they like. Try chopped onions or tomatoes, pickles, mustard and ketchup.  Bonus:  carrots are super cheap, just like real hot dogs too!

Get the recipe here.  


5.  Chickpea Tuna Sandwiches

Thanks to its off-the-charts levels of mercury, tuna is off the menu for many families today, even if they’re not fully vegan.  So this chickpea tuna alternative is a great idea for any family, and it’s easy for kids to make for themselves. As far as vegetarian recipes for kids go, this one is pretty easy – try toasting it  – it’s amazing!

Get the recipe here.  

6.  Carrot Fries

If your kids love fries, why not try and give them a little healthy overhaul? Switch white potatoes for sweet potatoes, but why not throw in some carrots as well? As a child I hated carrots. I’d push them round my plate and refuse to eat them. But this may just get your kiddies eating them. We know that veggies aren’t easy for kids to julienne, so buy pre-cut carrot sticks if it’s easier, and if you don’t want to feed your kids oil, you can still season these and bake them for an equally delicious  ‘french fry’.

Get the recipe here.  


7. Pinto Bean Tacos

Taco bars are super fun, especially at birthday parties. Set up a bunch of taco shells, and get the kids to prepare some torn lettuce, shredded cheese (vegan if you prefer), chopped tomatoes, torn cilantro, some pinto beans, spring onions, sour cream (again, vegan if you prefer), and sliced avocado. Yum!

Get the recipe here.


8. Jacket Potatoes with Home Baked Beans

This is a cafeteria staple, but can be so incredibly fun to make for kids! First, you just bake the potatoes, then add the toppings you like. This recipe calls for home baked beans, but you could just as easily add hummus, sweetcorn, guacamole, tahini, salsa, you name it! Not a fan of the spud? Sub a sweet potato instead.

Get the recipe here.


9. Pasta Skewers

Kids love food on a stick. Kids love pasta. So pasta on a stick is pretty much a no brainer! This recipe calls for cheese tortellini, but you can modify it to include your favourite: gluten free, spinach filled, or mushroom and walnut, for example. You can also add veggies your kids love: maybe some sundried or cherry tomatoes? And yet another fun thing you can do with this is include a tomato or pesto based ‘dip’. Let your imagination run wild!

Get the recipe here.


10. Easy Spinach Bakes

This one has eggs, spinach AND cheese, making it pretty hard to modify to vegan diets. But it  is a great way to get kids to make like Popeye and eat loads of spinach, plus you can use frozen organic spinach to make this super fast.

Get the recipe here.


11. Monster Quesadillas

These are so cute, it’s scary! Get your little ones to smear whatever they love to eat all over these; all you need to do is get some veggies cut up into interesting shapes that can be used as eyes, ears, noses, mouths…and horns, if you like! This one has an avocado base, but why not use refried beans, hummus or even a tofu based spread?

Get the recipe here.

monster quesadilla

12. Raw Sesame Seed Bars

Bars like these are such a great recipe to have on hand, especially when the kids are at home. It’s so easy to just  throw the ingredients into a bowl, mix it up and then leave them to set, kids can even make these without mum or dad’s help. Plus it’s great to have a really easy recipe to make so that kids have a healthy snack to turn to when peckish.

Get the recipe here.  


13.  Puffed Quinoa Peanut Butter Balls

I  was forever melting chocolate and mixing in Rice Krispies to make little krispy treats as a child. They’re so easy to make and you just pop them in the fridge to set and then eat them all up! Recipes like these are great for children as you can leave out the ingredients and let them make them themselves. And with just six ingredients, I guarantee your kitchen won’t get too messy.

Get the recipe here.


14.  Ants on a Log

It doesn’t get easier than ants on a log. It’s quite literally just three ingredients; celery, peanut butter and raisins. Let your kids get stuck in and messy with the peanut butter jar as they smear is between celery and top it with little raisin dots looking like little ants on a log, as its namesake suggests. It’s the perfect snack, lunch side dish, or even dessert.

Get the recipe here.  


15.  Fruit Kebabs

How cute do these look? Let your children get creative with the cookie cutters by cutting shapes into their fruit and placing them on wooden skewers to enjoy a sweet treat. There’s something aesthetically pleasing by seeing your favourite fruits cut into little hearts, but you could use whichever cutters you have on hand. Children will have lots of fun punching shapes out of fruit!

Get the recipe here.  


16.  Peanut Butter Apple Monsters

How fun do these look? And they’re so easy and healthy to make. They’re just apple slices, strawberries, sunflower seeds and a little nut butter. The googley eyes are optional but of course they look pretty cool, right? Kids are going to love making these and they’re so easy to put together. They’re also a perfect little dish for parties.

Get the recipe here.  

vegetarian recipes for kids

17.  Fruit & Veggie Popsicles

Fruit and veggie popsicles are so easy to make because they’re simply juiced fruits combined into ice pop molds and frozen. Children loves ice lollies, so making them from fruit and vegetables is a great way of getting their five-a-day into a fun treat for them, they’ll hardly know how healthy they are! Children can choose their favourites fruits to juice, and they’ll love making these.

Get the recipe here.  

Vegetarian recipes for kids

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