30 Vegan Recipes for Ladies Who Brunch

By Lora O’Brien

The best thing about autumn is that all our friends are back from holidays, which means – it’s time for brunches again! It’s seriously the best part of any weekend, right? Gathering with your besties to discuss their (mis)deeds from the night before, catching up with news, and of course, eating and drinking delicious stuff for hours on end.

Most of us have a favourite cafe, hotel or restaurant where we head for this weekly ritual, but given that your typical brunch fare is so meaty and unhealthy – not to mention a bit expensive – why not whip up a vegan brunch for your friends at your place?

All the usual brunch dishes are here, from pancakes and sausages to Eggs Benedict and even dim sum, plus a whole lot of super healthy additions, like smoothie bowls green juices and chia puddings – but all with a vegan twist. Heck, there are even two versions of vegan bacon! Craving a bit of the ‘hair of the dog’ or want to add a few mimosas or other cocktails to keep things super interesting? Just click here!

1. Vibrant Green Juice

Green juices are a fabulous way of getting nutrients straight into your body, and it’s a lot easier to gulp a juice down than it would be to munch through piles of leafy greens such as kale, spinach and even swiss chard. Adding ingredients such as apple, ginger and cucumber gives an extra boost, too!

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2. Beet, Apple & Blackberry Juice

That colour! Ruby red and packed with blood-cleansing goodness. The earthy taste of the beets is trumped by adding apples, blackberries and ginger. The perfect way to start your day!

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3. Chocolate Coffee Smoothie

Me and coffee are in a serious, lifelong relationship. I love the stuff, but I’m always looking for ways to enjoy it in a healthier way than just straight up with almond milk. Coffee isn’t bad for us when it’s organic and drunk a few times a day, so why not enjoy it in smoothie form, too? A frozen banana adds a creaminess and garnishing it with coconut and cacao nibs tastes great, adds a crunch and looks cute, too.

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4. Smoothie Bowls Three Ways

Smoothie bowls have been popular for some time now, and for good reason. They’re a great way of packing in lots of fruit and veg and decorating them for an Instagram-worthy photo is always fun. Whether you like eating your greens, prefer berries or fancy a tropical bowl, there’s a bowl here for you. Or if you’re looking for a ton of smoothie bowl recipes, find more here.

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5. Frozen Raspberry & Peach Lemonade

Nothing quite wakes you up like a nice, cold drink! And these ones certainly are pretty. You can even decorate these with scatterings of rose organic petals to really impress your girlfriends.

Get the recipe here.


6. Frozen Raspberry Smoothie

Creamy, fruity and delicious, this smoothie is packed with fruits, coconut yogurt (sub in whatever yogurt you prefer or have on hand, though) and a bit of lemon to make it super alkaline – great for de-acidifying your body!

Get the recipe here.


7. Pomegranate Almond Chia Seed Pudding

If you’ve not yet tried chia seeds yet, then you need to up your game and make a few puddings. Chia seeds expand when added to liquid and adopt the flavour of whatever you add, so you can quite literally make them taste of anything. I love using almond milk because it’s creamy and works well. And the added pomegranate seeds add a welcome crunch to the top of this pudding. Get even more chia recipes here.

Get the recipe here.


8. Homemade Mocha Nutella

It’s a fact: people get obsessed with Nutella. Because who doesn’t love smearing chocolately spread onto things? Whether you add it to pancakes, onto some toast or eat it straight up off the spoon (no judgement here) it’s going to taste amazing.

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9. Raw Cultured Coconut Yogurt

Fermented foods are well known for their abilities to help your digestion, which in turn helps you absorb nutrients. So you could say this recipe is like a creamy, delicious multi-vitamin booster! Add it to a smoothie bowl, pancakes, French toast, or just enjoy it as is – maybe with some fresh fruit on top.

Get the recipe here.


10. Super Chunky Coconut Granola

Granola is something you should have a batch in your cupboards of at all times. Whether you throw it onto your smoothie bowls, top it onto your porridge and chia puddings or sprinkle some onto some coconut yogurt as a snack, it’s so healthy and so, so yummy.

Get the recipe here.

11. Garbanzo Lemon & Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes

Chunky, filling and totally gluten free, these little pancakes are crispy on the outside and oaty-nutty on the inside. Lashings of maple syrup and heaps of chopped ‘nana and berries will make them a filling, wholesome part of your brunch.

Get the recipe here.


12. Superfood Bread

This bread is a fabulous base for some smashed avo on toast. It’s made from healthy nuts, seeds and brown rice flour making it gluten free, too. If you’re not a fan of smashed avocado and tomato, why not go for peanut butter and banana slices with a dash of cinnamon? Either way this bread is healthy, wholesome and versatile.

Get the recipe here


13. Big Vegan Breakfast

Tofu scramble is a great go-to breakfast for vegans, and with black salt (the sulfuric kind) you can literally make it look and taste just like eggs. Avocado is a great fat to add, alongside some wholemeal bread, mushrooms and some greens. Serve with some green tea and you’ll be fuelled up for the day.

Get the recipe here.


14. Easy Tofu Bacon

Tofu bacon . . . who the hell knew?! No need to kill sweet little piggies when you can use soya for the same flavour! Liquid smoke is a godsend for  re-creating a meat-free bacon. Plus, you can throw this into a vegan BLT the next day for work!

Get the recipe here.

15.Vegan Shiitake Bacon

If tofu isn’t really your thing, you should try and make this shiitake mushroom bacon instead. Again you can use liquid smoke giving it its ‘bacon’ flavour. This is so good you can even make it to sprinkle over salads and even in sandwiches.

Get the recipe here

16. Perfect Tofu Scramble

Why eat eggs when you can make perfect scramble with tofu? If you’re someone that likes to start your day off with a heartier meal, why not go for this scramble recipe with a side of garlic and rosemary breakfast potatoes and kale? It even tastes like real egg from the black salt used, and you can throw anything into it. Peppers, onions . . . you name it.

Get the recipe here


17. Vegan Omelette

Another recipe to prove that veganism has no limits. You can still enjoy your favourite brunch recipes like the old faithful omelette, with all the protein, too. Again, you can pack anything you want into this. Stuffing it with wilted spinach or kale is a great way to add a plant based boost.

Get the recipe here.


18. Vegan Full English Breakfast

Feeling super hungry in the late morning/early afternoon? It’s pretty easy to make the traditional full English breakfast vegan, as Mouthwatering Vegan shows. Take your time with this one – it could well serve as your main meal for the day!

Get the recipe here.



19. Vegan Banana Pancakes

This stack of pancakes not only looks good, it’s quick and easy to throw together. Packed with bananas, they taste particularly great topped with drizzles of maple syrup and topped with berries and crushed nuts.

Get the recipe here


20. Homemade Sundried Tomato & Pine Nut Vegan Sausages

Sausages are another faithful go-to for brunch, and this vegan sausage recipe will make even the most dedicated of carnivores swear off meat. Not as difficult to make as you think! Give them a whirl – you can also serve these for dinner with some mashed sweet potatoes. Yum!

Get the recipe here.


21. Vegan Savory Zucchini Muffins

I love muffins, (and compiled a bunch of vegan muffin recipes here), so I was super intrigued by this savory courgette (that’s another word for zucchini, of course) recipe. This fully gluten-free concoction has a bready – as opposed to cakey – texture, and could serve as a lovely brunch side dish instead of toast.

Get the recipe here


22. Soy-Free Vegan Benedict

Eggs Benedict is truly the benchmark for brunch foods. So I was so thrilled to find this vegan version. Shiitake mushrooms replace the ham in this recipe, and the ‘eggs’ are actually chickpea patties, all topped off with a cashew sauce.

Get the recipe here


23. Smoky Cannelloni Beans on Garlic Toast

This recipe is like a really fancy version of beans on toast! And it looks so, so good. This is a super-simple recipe to make, and it’s super-packed with veggie protein, too.

Get the recipe here


24. Vegan Potato Cakes Stuffed with Mushrooms

Based on a traditional Russian dish named Zrazy, these potato cakes are vegan friendly and stuffed with mushrooms and onion and tangy dill. They’re then pan-fried until they’re golden, and you can serve them up with either a vegan gravy, or if you’re looking for more of a kick, mustard or horseradish.

Get the recipe here


25. Mediterranean Potato Bake

There’s a nod to the Mediterranean diet here, with all the aubergines, peppers, courgettes and red onion. Serve with some extra virgin olive oil drizzled on top for an added health boost, and of course, more of that delicious Med flavour.

Get the recipe here

26. Vegan Dim Sum

Dim sum is fast becoming a Western brunch tradition, and no wonder: each little steamed bundle of vegetarian deliciousness is like a small gift for your mouth! This recipe features tofu, spinach and beans, but pack ’em with whatever veggies float your boat.

Get the recipe here


27. A Trio of Blinis

Brunch wouldn’t be brunch without blinis. But forget about caviar and sour cream – the toppings here include miso-lime grilled aubergines 0n honey glazes blinis (use maple syrup to make vegan), toasted sesame-soy tofu and spinach cream and sweet potato, almond and smoked paprika. Fancy!

Get the recipe here.


28. Mizuna Tofu Scramble Burrito

The great thing about burritos is that you can pack them full of just about anything you like. These include a tofu scramble and mizuna greens (but you can simply use spinach), all topped with a tangy sauce.

Get the recipe here.


29. Healthy Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Colder weather calls for hotter drinks and a pumpkin spiced latte is a must! They’re delicious and sweet and just that little bit spicy and they’re just perfection. If you’re used to getting yours from coffee chains like Starbucks, just stop it! You should know there are heaps of sugar in them and zero actual pumpkin. But you can bet there’s real pumpkin in this and even some vegan whipped cream. Does it get any better?

Get the recipe here.


30. Coconut Matcha Latte

Another perfect go-to drink for these colder months is a nice, hot matcha latte. They’re a bit more exotic than your typical cuppa, and are oh-so good for you. It’s also a bit richer and creamier than your typical green tea, making this a bit more filling for chillier winter days.

Get the recipe here.


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