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Eluxe Horoscopes for October 2017

What’s in the stars for you in 2017? Renowned Astrologer, Claudia Vannini reads your horoscope.

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October 2017

Important changes for all Signs! Jupiter enters Scorpio and remains there for 13 months. After the 10th, there’s news for everyone. It is a deep dive into the Self and the return of our true identity. As all signs feel this search for personal truth, society is transformed. Energy circulates for everyone and it is the moment of major life changes. People will change their homes, their jobs, their countries, and their careers. Many will say that they are tired of the previous life they were leading, but what this could be described as is a recognition of who we are what we truly desire. It may seem like a complete revolution, but Venus balances this process wisely on the 14th. Mars goes into Libra on the 22nd and diplomacy and peace rule, bringing better things to the planet and its inhabitants.




PISCES Feb 19-March 20

On the 10th, Jupiter goes into Scorpio and activates your contact with other countries. A new field of study or knowledge is welcome. A job in another region may occur. It is a cycle of prosperity that continues until next year. Travelling and studying abroad are In the cards for the next 13 months. The 14th is a milestone. Until the 14th, your prosperity comes from good partnerships. After that date, your personal power increases. When power is activated, you must make room for news. It’s time to break free from what does not work. Do a physical, emotional and material detox. Clean drawers, cabinets, and donate. Transmute energies. Health is stable. LOVE: Not active.


On the 10th, Jupiter goes to Scorpio and this indicates prosperity at work. It’s time to pack up and move on to new locations. Venus collaborates with this tendency, since it activates its desire to know other cultures. Study a new theme, it will be very important until November 6th. A different location may be more interesting than continuing where you currently are. Travelling is on schedule for the next 13 months. A spiritual quest is active and you can strengthen your religious or philosophical links. Stable health until the 22nd, then you are pressured by the changes of a hectic month. LOVE: Spiritual or study environments open space for you to love. Foreigners draw attention.



On the 10th, Jupiter goes to Scorpio and brings new friends. You reach a popularity that you may find awkward. You have not always felt as close to social groups as you will in the next 13 months. It is a joyous stage and full of good surprises. Your career gets a big boost. You fight like a warrior for your space in the professional field and conquer new territories. Finance does not respond quickly. The harvest of this whole work comes on January 3, 2018. Persevere, because the result is guaranteed. Health improves after the 23rd. LOVE: few chances for a serious commitment. A lot of fast dating, mixed with friendship.




On the 10th, Jupiter goes into Scorpio and this indicates a new way of receiving money. Fortune comes in different ways. They can be new jobs that happen through recommendations by colleagues or through the institutions you attend. The months has social groups at its core. Friends, colleagues, and social media groups are present every day of the month. Get deeply involved with them and receive all the support you need for your achievements. There is a strong spiritual quest and desire to master a Philosophy. On the 17th, this new cycle of searching for new knowledge begins. Health is in a good moment. LOVE: Is active and occurs between friends, colleagues or at school.



SCORPIO Oct 23-Nov 21

On the 10th, Jupiter goes to Scorpio and this indicates excellence in finance. You achieve more prosperity; something you have been craving for some time. You look rich, feel rich, and attract real possibilities to increase your earnings further. A new job or promotion may occur. There is a feeling of fulfilment this month. You are in a comfortable position, with the Planet of abundance in your graces. The month opens the door to karmic resources. Everything you carry inside you can healed and improved; you will feel the effects of spiritual healing and make peace with the past, especially in terms of previous generations. Analyze your history and choose your future route. Health at a great time. LOVE: Inactive.



LIBRA Sept 23-Oct 22

On the 10th, Jupiter goes into Scorpio and transforms your house of money. Investments and assets will be the theme until the end of 2018. Making money is a priority for you now and you’re making all the right moves in this sector. Finally, your financial activation phase is here. The whole month revolves around your sign. Its characteristics are in evidence and, of course, you shine. There is a lot of vital energy and health is at its best. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun and Venus will pass through Libra. It’s a magical opportunity to expand! You are the “amulet” of the other signs in October. Many events are sparked thanks to your presence, in both business and in social groups. LOVE: Married couples experience a honeymoon phase and singles are magnetized to conquer.



VIRGO Aug 23-Sept 22

On the 10th, Jupiter moves to Scorpio and transforms your house of communication. Marketing, advertising and sales will be on the rise for 13 months. You are the water vendor in the desert. Enjoy! Great news comes in the financial sector. Money will not be lacking and there is a hallucinatory rhythm of opportunities, which create future prosperity. Everything you love the most converges into an exciting new project. Invest in cutting-edge technology, car or any equipment that facilitate your communication. You do very well via computers, so you have to be equipped and organised.  Excellent health. LOVE: Not active.



LEO July 23-Aug 22

On the 10th, Jupiter moves into Scorpio and activates your family links. Home is the focus of the month. Your home goes through enlargement, changes or reforms. Your relatives are closer. Collect any money due to you after the 14th – at that time, Venus shifts into Libra and expands your communication and bargaining power in the long run. Diplomacy is part of that equation. On the 18th and 26th, prosperity seems to shrink. Focus on these two days, which could change the course of your work. A career turnaround is possible. Accept it because it is a necessary event after the achievements of August and September. Health is balanced. LOVE: Not active.


CANCER June 21-July 22CANCER

On the 10th, Jupiter goes into Scorpio and you transform your health through new habits and treatments. This change continues until the end of 2018 and you really focus on caring for your body better. Why? You seem to understand your body as being the envelope of your soul. This body work has good results and reflects in your work, which is highly productive this month – even if you work from home or an unconventional space. Between the 11th and 13th, you can clearly see this relationship between health and work. The 26th is special for your sign – expect for get some easy money or find a new job. LOVE: inactive



GEMINI May 21-June 20

On the 10th, Jupiter goes into Scorpio and your daily life is transformed until November 8th, 2018. This means there’s a long period of time to change your routine, to insert new habits and to embrace a vocation. Addictions can be abandoned. A different diet can be chosen, even with more care with the physical body. It’s a happy month! Fun is part of this process of change. Children, creativity and romance are in evidence. Health is going through a great phase and there is prosperity. After the 17th, Mercury and Jupiter increase the chances for a turnaround in life. Pay attention to this date and go in search of possibilities. Romance and your sex life are active in October. Enjoy the good phase!



TAURUS April 20-May 20

On the 10th, Jupiter moves into Scorpio and activates partnerships. You feel the need to seek prosperity in new ways. A new job is welcome. Try a new partnership and join forces wit other people. Don’t work alone. Venus, your Regent Planet, goes through a transition and takes a big role in your life. Expect a change of route! Health is stable. Home life is in a neutral phase. The business of the house is yours. Near the 14th, a feeling of “having to do something” is urgently felt. Take it easy, because this cycle goes until November 6th. Love is in a good phase – find a partner willing to make all the exciting changes you crave. Have a good time!



ARIES March 21-April 19

On the 10th, Jupiter moves into Scorpio and activates your personal power. You feel you have taken over the reins of your life. At work, activation occurs in partnerships. Your focus is on partners of all kinds: commercial, personal and social. It’s time to thrive! There is big time prosperity for Aries who are working in groups. Whoever gets stuck in their own Self will feel limitations. Even though you may be feeling invincible thanks to Jupiter, invest in networking. Domestic life goes through a stable phase. Health feels the tensions caused by power struggles. Rest and relax. Love is in a great position, with increased libido and sensuality. It’s also a good time for engagement and marriage.

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