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12 Types of Guy, 12 Types of Eco Gifts For Men

By Diane Small

Father’s Day is once a year, but shouldn’t you always honour the important men in your life with a bit of pampering and spoiling? As a very happy wife and a confirmed Daddy’s Girl, I’d say yes.

Choosing gifts for men is never easy, though, mainly because 1) most of them hate shopping, so you never get to see what they like when they’re browsing around and 2) they rarely tell you what they want. But if you know they kind of guy you’re shopping for, finding something to suit his style is a bit easier.

Here, we’ve found 12 different eco gifts for men of 12 totally different types, from geeks to hipsters.

1. Alternative Guy

Probably tattooed, his man loves any kind of music that would never be heard on mainstream radio, and considers himself a bit of a misfit. He probably already has a wristful of leather straps and Shamballa jewellery, so we’d suggest he add a spiky vegan leather bracelet to those, crafted from Coolstone by Lucky Nelly (see pic above) or a faux snakeskin cuff by Truth Belts.




2. The Intellectual

Whether he’s planning to dig for the artefacts left behind by the civilisation of Ur or give a lecture on sustainable development, the intellectual needs a place to stash his Moleskin, pencils and Swiss army knife. Ona makes bags from timeless eco-leather, to create positive change and promote conscious consumerism, which of course, he’s surely all for too.



3. Mr Class

This man is all about the family, work and faith. A responsible type, he’s always got great words of advice for those who ask, and would love these ethically sourced fine jewellery cufflinks by jeweller Emily H. Her  Celestial Collection is crafted from 18ct white gold and features two centre stones of natural tanzanite or emerald, according to the client’s specifications. The cufflinks (also seen in our main image) are accented with small brilliant diamonds that can be arranged to represent a symbol or initials to personalise the piece. Not only would these pieces match his timeless, elegant style, but you can hide a secret scroll inside their posts. Love letter? Inspiring quote? Proverb? It’s up to you.

Emily H London Celestial Collection Tanzinite Cuff Links

4. The Hippy

Give the tree hugger in your life an actual bit of tree! We Wood makes watches from sustainably sourced wood, which not only look great, but don’t irritate the skin the way some metal watches can. And the best part? You can totally customise it by engraving something on the underside of the timepiece, be it Bob Marley’s visage, a ‘sweetleaf’ motif, or a Dali Lama quote–any image, quote or pattern is possible.



5. The Gorgeous Groomer

He is NOT a ‘metrosexual’, he will tell you time and time again, But he does loves looking good, and why shouldn’t he? He does love all the classic men’s brands–his bathroom cabinet is full of them–but he’s also been hearing more about the dangers of the chemicals lurking in skincare products. Put his mind at ease with a gift subscription for men from Birchbox. He can choose whichever natural or organic skincare products he wants delivered to his door each month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, all year round!


6. The Kitchen Creative

He knows his onigiri from his chipotle and loves to entertain, so gift him with this River Cottage Veg Every Day cookbook and you’re likely to be treated to a delish meal! Plus, it’s written by Hugh Superlonglastname, a guy we deeply respect for being a true eco-warrior (he’s the bloke who petitioned for supermarkets to donate unsold food to charity, for example).



7. The Intrepid Traveller

Whether it’s through strange cities, up mountains or across deserts, he just can’t get enough of seeing the world. This backpack by Paguro, made from recycled tyres will fast be one of his favourite things. Even when he’s home, he can take it to work, the gym or on a local hike.


8. The Geek

He can’t live without his gadgets, so ensure they’re always fully charged with this Nektech Solar Charger. It fits different kinds of phones, is easy to carry around and it’s only around $25! He’ll never have an excuse for not calling you ever again.


9. The Spiritualist

He checks his horoscope every day, has a lucky tee shirt and is pretty superstitious overall. So why not gift him with a personalised astrological reading by renowned astrologer Claudia Vannini? You’ll need to know his place, date and time of birth.

Horoscope wheel chart

10. The Hipster

Your rustic, bearded hipster dude will love this ArtNaturals beard oil! Organic argan and jojoba oils provide the nutritive foundation for this anointing preparation which replenishes and balances the moisture quotient of his facial fuzz.


11. The Music Lover

Wood and vegan leather are the main materials in these Wraith Wooden Headphones. They also have exceptional audio quality and strong deep bass, and come with two cords: one with the in-line microphone and one without it. Wraith headphones can answer or end calls, activate Voice Control, and even skip tracks with a smart built-in in-line microphone.


12. The Simple Bloke

He’s loyal, and basic, but in a good way – not fancy, not complicated. And that’s exactly how we’d describe Lyme Terrace’s tees! Made from super soft bamboo, they come in a limited range of colours and are ethically made in Bali. Bonus: they also come in a re-usable bamboo container, which can be made into a desktop unit for pens, storage space for bits and bobs, or even a vase!


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