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15 Healthy Popsicle Recipes for Vegans

By Lora O’Brien

I remember a commercial for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups many years ago that showed one guy on a bike crashing into another guy with a jar of peanut butter. Their foods smashed into each other, and they found it was good. The peanut butter cup was born!

That’s obviously a made up story for a commercial. But did you know that one of your favourite summer sweets was discovered by accident, for real?

Way, way back in in 1905, an 11 year old kid called Frank Epperson left a cup filled with powdered soda pop, water, and a stirring stick on his San Francisco porch. That night, low temperatures caused the mixture to freeze — and when he woke up, he had something delicious on a stick!

So tasty was this little accident, Epperson decided to debut his “Epsicle” at a fair in California. His kids, who called his creation ‘Pop’s ‘sicle’, persuade him to change the name. And the Popsicle was born.

Initially the treat had two sticks, which I personally thought was genius – it was perfect for sharing. Just let it thaw a teeny bit, till it was soft enough to crack in two, and voila – you had an instant friend if you shared it, or if you were alone, you could save the other half for later.

In 1986, the brand sadly moved to a one-stick sicle, and later, Unilever bought the brand. Today, lovers of all things sweet and cold who hanker for their childhood favourite – but realise sugar, water and flavouring isn’t exactly good for you – are making their own healthy versions.

All you need to get started are a few basic ingredients, some sticks, and a Popsicle mold, of course! You can get some sticks here and the mold here. And the delicious, healthy popsicle recipes that are perfect for vegans, raw eaters and those following a Paleo diet? Well, their just down here, below.

1. Spinach Berry Popsicles with Cereal

I know you’re probably surprised to find a spinach recipe that isn’t incredibly green, hurrah! Whilst I adore the colour green, not everyone enjoys their food being the colour of Shrek’s skin. Alas, this recipe is bursting with berry goodness so you won’t even be able to taste the spinach either. And popsicles are so easy to make – you literally blend the ingredients together and then freeze them into molds and wait a few hours, voila!

Get the recipe here.


2. Tropical Avocado Popsicles

These had me at the word ‘tropical’. They’re super creamy thanks to the coconut milk and avocado base, and I love the adult touch of fresh tarragon. My only gripe with this recipe is the amount of ‘sugar syrup’ which I personally would replace with about half the amount of agave syrup, with a bit of extra Stevia sprinkled in if you like them sweet.

Get the recipe here.


3. Marbled Watermelon Popsicles

Don’t these just look like a true work of art? They’re so pretty. And watermelon if my favourite fruit, so anything with watermelon in it is an instant winner for me. These are perfect for children and adults – they’re pretty much just a frozen smoothie making them not only super easy to make, but naturally sweet and delicious. The marbled effect here comes from blended watermelon as one layer, and then bananas and yogurt as the other. They’re them dipped in chocolate crumble, making them aesthetically appeasing indeed.

Get the recipe here.


4. Creamy Cashew, Matcha & Blueberry Popsicles

Don’t these just look oh so creamy? They remind of those fudge popsicles that were textured and so delicious. Except this is packed full of all things good for us. Think cashew milk, coconut cream and banana with a delicious blueberry compote. You’re salivating aren’t you? And I know you are because I am.

Get the recipe here.


5. Chai Spiced Coconut & Fig Popsicles

Chai lattes are tasty, but who really wants a mug of steaming hot tea when the sunshine has got its hat on outside? The next best thing must be a chai based ice cream popsicles, and voila. They’re rich and creamy, and the addition of figs makes these not only look fantastic, but they’re technically one of our five-a-day. So, if we sit and eat all five, no guilt, right?

Get the recipe here.


6. Coconut & Blueberry Popsicles

I’ve said this so many times already, but these looks so damn pretty! It’s a symphony in purple. But the colour isn’t the best part, it’s the flavour. Creamy, delicious coconut based popsicles with blueberries? I’m in.

Get the recipe here.


7. Roasted Strawberries & Cream Popsicles

I’ve heard of people soaking strawberries in balsamic vinegar, but I wasn’t sure how this would taste. I love sweet, British strawberries so why not try them with a little rich tang from the balsamic vinegar which I equally love. Roasting the berries in the vinegar first not only cooks away from of their natural liquid which will reduce the risk of having ice in the final popsicles, but it will caramelize the strawbs, too. The maple-sweetened, roasted berries are then added with creamy coconut milk to create these pops. If you don’t have strawberries on hand, no worries, just about any berry can be used in this, even peaches or plums.

Get the recipe here.


8. Superfood Cheesecake Popsicles

As soon as I saw cheesecake, I knew I had to include these. I love ice cream, and I LOVE cheesecake, so it’s kind of kind a two birds, one stone scenario. Cashews make up the bulk of the cheesecake part and then the berry ice cream is blueberries and blackberries, giving a rich, purple colour. If you don’t have fresh berries, frozen berries can be used, too, which is great for when you don’t have fresh fruit on hand. These are then topped with chocolate and then crushed dates and walnuts on top. Plus, they look pretty fancy as well, right?

Get the recipe here.


9. Rainbow Popsicles

Just looking at these rainbow popsicles makes me feel happy. Who doesn’t enjoy a rainbow? Each of the layers are packed full of fruit with added yogurt to make them creamy. This recipe calls for greek yogurt, but make them vegan friendly by adding coconut yogurt, or even vanilla coconut for an even sweeter edge. These popsicles are going to be so fruity; think raspberries, strawberries, banana, pineapple and even beetroot but there’s even a little spinach snuck into these. These are a really great way to get a little more fruit into any child’s diet if they’re a little fussy. Who doesn’t love an ice lolly?

Get the recipe here.


10. Creamy Coconut Mojito Popsicles

Another one purely for the adults here; boozy pops! As always, the addition of alcohol keeps these from getting too firm when frozen, so these are softer when biting into them so they’re perfect for a little treat after dinner. These pops are naturally sweetened with some maple syrup and then the mojito vibe comes from lime juice and obviously the rum. And those pretty flecks are from vanilla bean paste, but you could also use extract if that’s all you’ve got on hand. Now just sit back and enjoy your mojito, popsicle style!

Get the recipe here.


11. Pomegranate Lime Popsicle

Bursting with vitamin C and anti-oxidants, pomegranate seeds are the main event in this popsicle recipe, offering little pops of sweet-and-tart flavor. Plus, they’re just pretty. This recipe has a bit too much sugar for my liking though – I would personally just replace water with coconut water and go from there.

Get the recipe here.


12. Lemonade Cucumber Spa Pops

Ah, deep tissue massages, facials and sunrise yoga classes. Who wouldn’t love an amazing spa break? If you can’t manage to get away, you can at least bring the spa to you a bit. You know that delicious cucumber water they have in the relaxation areas? Well, imagine that in popsicle form. But tastier.

Get the recipe here.


13. Peanut Butter and Banana Popsicle

As a kid, I used to love this Dairy Queen thing called a Peanut Butter Parfait. It was soft ice cream, hot chocolate fudge sauce, and plenty of salty peanuts and peanut butter. What a combo! Today, this one is a healthier version, based on bananas and equally packed with PB goodness and of course, a touch of decadent chocolate. Best part? No need for a popsicle mold – just sticks!

Get the recipe here.


14. Vegan Fudgesicles

This was definitely an ice cream truck favourite for most. Surprisingly chocolatey, creamy and refreshing, they always seemed to go too fast. Now you can make your own vegan versions that will take you back to those golden days of childhood. Again, this one is a bit heavy on the sugar for my taste: reduce it by using half the amount, and 10 drops of liquid Stevia instead – or try pure Xylitol (low GI birch tree sugar) in place of sugar.

Get the recipe here.


15. Hibiscus, Mint and Watermelon Popsicles

Here’s one for the adults! Not only do these look amazing, but they offer a sophisticated combination of sweet, bitter and spicy flavours. Plus, hibiscus is packed with vitamin C, mint is refreshing, and the watermelon will ensure you’re hydrated in the heat. So in short, this is a super, tasty summer treat!

Get the recipe here.


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