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By Nick Miles

It’s not very romantic to note, but weddings can be very carbon-intensive: guests fly and drive from all around the world to help the couple celebrate their special day; there’s much consumption of food, loads of shopping before the event for clothes and accessories, and of course, the entire wedding party has to get to the ceremony somehow, often in gas-guzzling Rolls Royces or limos.

Luckily, there are many eco-alternatives fit for a princess–literally!


Yes, that’s right: Kate and Wills added several eco-friendly touches to their own wedding transport. Not only did they ‘car pool’ guests in buses (rather than have each take their own cars) to and from the ceremonies, but the couple used a traditional horse-drawn carriages to whisk them away to their nuptials at Westminister Abbey.


After they’d said ‘I do’, they drove off in a spiffy  1969 Aston Martin DB6. The cute little car was given to Charles by the Queen as a 21st birthday   present and was recently converted to run on 100 per cent bioethanol fuel   distilled from surplus British wine as part of efforts to cut the royal’s efforts to cut their carbon   footprint.dsc01547

Whilst you may not be able to get the Queen’s Guard to accompany you, a fairy-tale horse-drawn carriage is a romantic mode of transport for any wedding. Several companies, such as Horse Drawn Carriage in the UK offer different kinds of carriages, from one like that which Kate used, to one more suited towards Cinderella herself.


It’s the perfect option for princess wannabes, animal lovers and vegans alike–if you’re serious about animal protection, there’s even a choice of leather or velvet seatsdsc01549
The company only uses the finest, healthiest, best treated and most beautiful of animals, and the chauffeurs are handsome and elegantly dressed. There’s even a Cinderella coach option for those wanting to go full-on fairytale!


You needn’t go all traditional for eco-friendly wedding rides–companies like Eco Chauffeur have been making some inroads (pardon the pun!) in eco-bridal transport. For example,  Lexus Hybrid Chauffeur Cars  provide couples with a driver and a hybrid car decorated in a bridal theme.

eco-wedding-car executive-cars51

Of course, the service can be used not only for the wedding party, but for guests, too–try to ensure that as few people come in their own cars as possible. Some couples create ‘wedding ride share’ websites, whereby all those attending the ceremony can help each other by arranging car pools.

And don’t forget about your carbon footprint before the wedding too–if you’re not planning to take public transport for your big nights out, a hybrid chauffeur service is a much greener option than a cheesy limo for transporting the bride and groom around on their hen and stag nights too.

Whether you choose a carriage or car, for one final eco-touch, make sure your guests recycle old shoes and tins by tying them to the back of the car as you pull away, driving into a new, shared future.


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