Tuvie: Car of the Future?

By Nick Miles

City living usually means transportation nightmares. Particularly in Europe, with its Medieval street systems, giant SUVs have no place in the urban landscape. What’s more, with increasing numbers of vehicles on the roads each year, pollution also goes up, causing asthma and other illnesses.


All of this means there is a greater need than ever for hybrid vehicles, and the Tuvie certainly fits the bill.


Designed by Vincent Chan, this is not only a small hybrid car–it is in fact a  modular vehicle, which offers different components depending on need.


Attachments can be added to the back, kind of like a toy car, to create trailers or a larger car. When only 1-2 people are travelling, the back can easily be taken off. There are also commercial possibilities: tractor ends, food truck ends and larger transport trailers can also be attached.


Easy to park, cheap to fuel and practical to use, we think the Tuvie is the car of the future.


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Chere Di Boscio
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