The BMW i8: From Concept to Reality

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Can a car be sleek, sexy, dynamic and kind to nature? The BMW i8 confirms that all this is possible. The very special hybrid has an intelligent drive concept that also represents a further step towards the future for the entire fleet, as a means of significantly lowering petrol consumption and reducing CO2 emissions – hence perceptibly increasing driving pleasure.

The slick design of the car has gone from what was once a gorgeous concept to a stunning reality, and features a striking cut-out in the bonnet which comes in a contrasting colour to the body; there are a pair of elegant flying C-Pillars at the rear. But for us, the most striking feature of the BMW i8 has got to be its upward-opening scissor doors.


The BMW i8 is driven by three power-sources. A 129bhp motor driving the front wheels, a 227bhp three-cylinder driving the rears, and another small boosting electric motor, which works as a generator. The car  also comes equipped with a huge battery pack, but if you slam your foot down going uphill, the  three-cylinder kicks right in–and guess what? The car will roar–although it’s a hybrid, its sound has been compared to the Porche 911.


Despite its switching modes, the BMW i8 offers a really smooth ride, thanks mainly to all the carbon fibre used to build the vehicle; plus, the  steering on the BMW i8 is really light and easy, and the turn in is super-crisp.


Priced similarly to a  Porsche  911 or  Audi  R8, the BMW i8 offers a whole lot more technology than the other two brands – there are even options such as laser headlights. In fact, the  Obviously there’s the carbon-fibre body, three power-trains and four-wheel drive, but there are even options such as laser headlamps.


The intelligent energy management of the full hybrid sedan guarantees optimum interplay between the combustion engine and electric motor. Energy is only used when necessary, so you can enjoy an outstanding driving sensation. But the innovative drive systems and efficient dynamics of the vehicle don’t neglect the luscious interiors, which are equipped with impressive high-quality materials and an extremely functional luggage compartment concept.


As with all hybrid cars, the perfect match comes from saving money on petrol while being protective of planet Earth: the BMW Car allows drivers to simultaneously benefit from noticeable savings on petrol and CO2 emissions.

This eco-friendly-car is the zen-like, sustainable, low-emissions, petrol-electric, ‘new-premium’ German sports car of the future. What we’ve seen in movies has now become a reality: the BMW i8  combines the sleek design of the Batmobile with the futuristic technology of James Bond’s ride, all with a special green touch.

To see the car in action, please click here:

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