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By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

“After the progress made by the automotive industry in the field of sustainability, through  the course of the years, the time has come for seamanship to adopt green measures too.”
So say Cor and Lodewyck Beghuys, father and son, who have created the Superiore Uno, a luxurious eco-speedboat.
Two years of research were invested by Cor and Lodewyck Beghuys to come up with the  first electric luxury boat. The dream became a reality mid-2013 with the release this  one-of-a-kind electric pleasure boat, unveiled at The Harbour  Club in Amsterdam. It has since made an appearance at the Cannes Boat Show in  September, impressing movie moghuls and starlets alike.
One of the main highlights of the Superiore Uno speedboat is that it can be charged by the solar cells  on the foredeck or by the wall plug, and has a capacity of approximately 400 watts. The  wall plug increases the percentage of charge from 5% to 20% per hour. At cruise speed, the Supiore Uno has a range  of up to six hours. The maximum speed is monitored by a software that keeps it within 20  kilometres per hour or nine knots. This “reservoir” of energy makes the Superiore Uno a boat  that actually doesn’t require a boat licence.
The eco-craft has seating for seven people and includes amenities such as a barbecue,  cooler, chilled wine storage, HiFi speakers, LED lights and a luxurious internal design,  equipped with double-unsinkable walls. Owners can customise the look and amenities of the boat completely, to suit their decorative tastes and recreational needs.
Measuring 5.24 meters long, the Supiore Uno is a great way to relax with great views and  without worrying about damaging the environment, as the Beghuys assure: “The motor is  electric, and is controlled directly by the technologic microprocessors, implemented by our  researchers. This guarantees an efficient and economic way to captain the boat, which is  perfectly silent also in reverse mode.”
This first example of eco-luxe-electric speedboat undoubtably marks a revolutionary step for the  boating industry, and is good news for the planet, too. Now, we just need to start counting down the days until summer…
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