Hydro Heaven: A New Eco Friendly Quadrofoil

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By Nick Miles

Oh, summer! We miss you now more than ever after learning about this new invention.

Designed by MiloÃ… ¡ VelimiroviÄ , Klemen TavÄ ar and Ermin Kosovel to be a ‘sports car for the water‘, the quadrofoil is more technically known as “an electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft (PWC)”, which provides the most economically efficient and completely environmentally friendly mode of recreational marine transportation.


The new vehicle is shaped a bit like some gigantic alien insect, and so it’s not surprising to learn that due to hydrofoiling and patented steering technology, the manufacturers claim that riding it feels like “flying on water”, providing an entirely new and thrilling water experience.


Luckily for real insects though (and birds, and fish, and other wildlife that lives on, in or near the water) the watercraft operates quietly and doesn’t produce any waves or emissions, which makes it suitable for lakes, rivers–even in marine protected areas, where most motor boats and  personal watercrafts are prohibited.


And now for the Geek Deets: the electric vehicle has a top speed up to 40 km/h (21 knots) and a range of  up to 100 km (54 nautical miles) and can be fully charged in under 2 hours.


Quadrofoil is completely environmentally friendly due to electric outboard motor propulsion and special steering system, both custom developed for Quadrofoil. C-foil technology allows the watercraft to fly on water at speeds up to 21 knots cruising speed (40 km/h) and with several times better efficiency than any other personal watercraft on the market. With buoyancy force which lifts the vessel above the surface, Quadrofoil can travel with minimum drag and extremely efficient battery usage. Additionally, operating costs of 1 EUR per hour and low maintenance makes it also the most wallet-friendly PWC.


A patented, integrated steering system works as a stabilization system and makes the vessel responsive on the  water and prevents drifting. The eco friendly Quadrofoil is designed to be almost unsinkable due to its airtight top module and foil hydrodynamics that create automatic balancing and stabilization. When airborne at 12 km/h it flies over water and with ergonomic and soft seats premium comfort is achieved.


Want one? Quadrofoil is ready for production and was available for pre-order worldwide here as of October 2014. The limited edition first series is due to be shipped in March 2015 on a first come, first served basis. Sigh….summer really can’t come fast enough!


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