Tried and Tested: E2 Energy Monitor

By Nick Miles

You turn off lights when you leave a room. You bought an A-rated washing machine. You think you’re pretty energy efficient. But do you really know how much energy you use? Now you can find out for sure.

The E2 is a comprehensive energy monitor, with a whole range of functions that let you better monitor, and if you wish, reduce, your energy use. It boasts a high wireless range and lots of display options so that you can choose exactly how you want to view your data, and you can even upload the information onto your computer for storage and detailed viewing.

The E2 Classic 2.0 follows the same style as many energy monitors: a sensor is placed next to your electricity metre, and the data this collects is wirelessly transmitted in real time to a small gadget that you can view the consumption on.


This model however, has a range of additional functions: a range of up to 70 meters from the sensor, viewing in KWh, cost (with a range of 5 currencies) or CO2, historical data stored for months and software that lets you upload the data to a PC or Mac and view the data in a number of forms.

The installation is fairly straightforward and the interface looks quite similar to other energy monitors, but it was pretty cool to be able to switch between the different outputs.

Where this gadget really comes alive, however, is when you upload the data to your computer. You can view all your data stretching back to when you first switched it on, in a number of innovative graphs and charts. It really brings the raw numbers to life and lets you get to grips with where you really use–and waste–your energy.


There is also an alarm function on the device that lets you set targets for your energy use. When you go over the limit, the alarm will sound. It’s the sort of thing you can use to try and challenge yourself to use less.


So how well does it work? It seems to be a pretty reliable monitor, and I would certainly take this over some of the cheaper monitors, which lack accuracy and reliability. It also boasts a better than 90% accuracy, which is fairly good for a monitor like this, considering that measurements are indirect, unlike the electricity meter, which takes a direct measurement. It’s certainly good enough to get a really good picture of your energy use.

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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