World Class: World Cup Housing?

By Diane Small

It’s a question many governments are faced with: what to do with huge sports stadiums after important international events?


Render of the Arena das Dunas, based on a photograph by Jobson Galdino

And after Germany’s victory, Brazil, host of the World Cup 2014, now finds itself with several stadia that may not be frequently used–despite this being one of the world’s most football-crazed countries. Luckily, one architectural firm has a good idea as to how these stadia can be put to good use.


Render of the National Stadium of Brazil

Two French architects,  Axel de Stampa  and  Sylvain Macaux  of  1Week1Project,  have dreamed up a concept they call “Casa Futebol”–the ‘recycling’ if you will, of Brazil’s World Cup venues into individual housing units.


Each ‘Casa Futebol’ home of around 105 sq metres would be designed to fit inside existing stadia structures and would be carefully tailored to each. By either replacing part of the stands with prefabricated units or by being set into the external facade, the Casa Futebol concept makes great use of existing materials, adds  a human scale to  these massive buildings, and provides unique housing with a cultural history for thousands of people.


Render of the National Stadium of Brazil, based on a photograph by EFE

As of yet, the conceptual designs for the ‘World Cup Housing’ shown in these photographs were not created with the approval of the architects, the government of Brazil, or the organisers of the 2014 Brazil World Cup. But we are sure that many a football fan would relish the notion of having breakfast in the place where Lionel Messi did his best to bring his nation to victory, or sleeping where the blood, sweat and tears of the world’s greatest athletes has been shed.


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Diane Small

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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