Teatro Fragranze Uniche: the Scent of Italy at Home

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

For centuries, the Italian city of Florence has been producing some of the world’s greatest perfumes, masterfully blended from the abundant essential oils cultivated in the country, including citrus and cedar, as well as from exotic ingredients imported from afar.

Based on these ancient Florentine traditions, the home perfume line Teatro Fragranze Uniche was born. The brand’s three female founders, Fiorella Lucci, Federica Schirra and Gaia Caiani,  gathered a team of experts to help create a limited edition of perfumes by Master Perfumers Sileno Cheloni and Luigi Correra, using a combination of innovative and traditional techniques.

The fields of Tuscany inspired scents for the home. Image: Rob and Lisa Meehan

The fields of Tuscany inspired scents for the home. Image: Rob and Lisa Meehan

Great care has gone into designing this eco-friendly collection of fragrances, which can be used both for personal use and in the home. The result is a melange of interesting, complex scents that evoke various moods: ‘Frutta Candita’, for example, welcomes guests to your home with warm notes of chocolate, spice and mandarin, while ‘Incenso Imperiale’ is a more heady, sensual blend of patchouli and Oriental woods. For a fresher, cleaner fragrance, ‘Fiori di Agrumi’ recalls white floral bouquets moistened by Mediterranean breezes.

Environmental care is at the very core of the production of every scent: no synthetic chemicals are blended into the products, and the elegant packaging is comprised of 100% recycled paper, recyclable glass, and each bottle top is made of locally sourced wood. And in case you run out of the mesmerising aromas, refills can be purchased in lightweight recycled materials.

Eluxe spoke with one of Teatro Fragranzi’s founders, Federica Schirra, in an exclusive interview about the brand.

foto 3How did the three of you  come up with the idea of designing an eco-friendly collection of fragrances?

Gaia and I knew each other for a very long time and our friendship grew stronger in the course of the years, since our children, Tommaso and Ginevra, are the same age (six years old). With Fiorella, our friendship began at work, as she has an overwhelming energy in the fashion world. As for the world of perfumery, that’s my field. Hence we united my experience with Gaia’s great communicating skills and Fiorella’s vast (fashion) experience: that’s how Teatro Fragranze Uniche was born. Our shared goal was to create something “green” within the fashion world. The United States have focused on sustainability much more and before Italy. American activists have fought so many battles against the use of sprays, animal testing, using animal skin for clothes, killing whales and dolphins. We thought it was about time Italy became aware of all these matters too.

How did Luigi Correra and Sileno Cheloni contribute to your latest line?

It has been a wonderful collaboration! Luigi gave the input of ideas and formulated the several fragrance pitches for the home, and Sileno acted as Perfume Master, the “nose” of the entire team. I knew them both from many years and admired their previous work, as well as the new one they came up with for Teatro Fragranze Uniche. They have always searched for raw materials of extreme rarity and purity. But at the end of the day, that which united us all, was the “green” trait that has launched us both in the Italian and International markets.

What future goals lie ahead for your brand?

Surely the development of new products. I can give you the heads up on a new item we still haven’t explored that will be part of our new home collection: candles. They should be out next autumn/winter. Our goal is to trace fashion’s habits, releasing a new line every season. We also intend to develop our communication on the web. For instance, we are creating Luigi Correra’s blog, where he will describe his meticulous exploration and selection of new brands, along with his philosophy.

For more  information, please see:  http://www.teatrofragranzeuniche.it

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.



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