Nuy von Noort: Chairmen of the Board

By Cailyn Cox

Dutch design studio Nuy von Noort have shown their abilities by expertly designing furniture–and producing it entirely from cardboard.


As one of their projects, the company designed an entire chair from a single piece of Re-Bored cardboard, which refers to a patented variation of cardboard that has been specifically engineered to bear weight using a pleated inner core.

The creation was a collaboration of the creative geniuses Maartje Nuy and Joost van Noort. The VW01 chair deserves the praise it has achieved for its eco-friendly focus, but also for the structural brilliance of the design, which originally comes flat-packed and folds into position with the help of a small strip of Velcro, thus requiring no further assistance from any chemicals or glues.


The design is not only unique but also aesthetically pleasing and the designers intend to create pieces with further visual appeal by printing the chairs in bright colours.

Van Noort revealed to the Financial Times, “We are currently working with museums and artists to produce special editions, but in the future it should be possible [for customers] to produce unique chairs with personal prints.”

In an already saturated furniture market, the Nuy van Noort studio stands out by challenging themselves to create economical and sustainable furniture, which can be used for multiple purposes.


Of course, their innovations did not end with the VW01; in fact, they improved upon their original concept by creating an upgraded version of their original design with a lounge chair known as the Vouwwow.

During the Fuori Salone exhibitions of the Milan Design Week, the Vouwwow demanded attention due to its innovative use of recycled materials. The product is originally delivered as a flat-pack, which proves its effectual use for storage and transportation. The customer can then fold it into its intended shape, forming a lounge chair in just three simple steps–a process that takes a mere 30 seconds to complete (showing little evidence of deterioration with use) and provides an imaginative alternative to that of traditional folding chairs.


The structure of the Vouwwow consists of six separate pieces of plywood which lie amidst two outside layers of PET-felt. The durable PET-felt has been made from recycled bottles to create a durable but also interesting concept piece.

To complete the process the PET-felt is then fixed together with a Velcro strip that is used for structural support and tightening.

Nuy Van Noort studios may constantly be thinking of new ideas, but it has already achieved what every sustainable design company sets out to do: they’ve become easily recognisable for their  innovative techniques and distinguished style.

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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