Milana: Where Scent Meets Music

By Arwa Lodhi

For most of us, music provokes movement, but for Tracey Church of Milana Candles, it evokes scent.

The all-natural candle brand, which uses only soy wax and perfumes based on essential oils, has named each unique fragrance blend in its home scent range after the tune that suits the scent. For example, Sunny Afternoon by the Kinks is linked to a citrusy blend of pomelo, with an added touch of patchouli, while the Small Face’s Drive in Romance brings a soft blend of rose, jasmine and Bergamont.


The languid notes of the Doors’ Love Street conjures up notes of Madagascan vanilla tucked up on a base of tart rhubarb and blackberries, perfectly capturing the sourness of a rhubarb stalk with a dash of sweet candy–all very youthful and hippy-chic.

The candle that was inspired by Neil Young’s warn tune Heart of Gold is one of our favourites, with its top notes of vibrant citrus orange, followed by middle notes of sweet, woody rosewood, all brought together in an  intensely flowery base of Ylang Ylang.


Filthy Rich, named after a hip-hop song,  is another favourite, with its rich aroma of leather bound books and dark mahogany with hints of opulent amber, leading into spicy middle notes of Oolong tea and black pepper, finishing on a base of sandalwood, teakwood and patchouli.

According to Tracey, perfumery and music  share a common vocabulary – they both have notes, harmony, dissonance and accords–and she states that her hand-poured fragranced candles work like a symphony.   For example, after first lighting the popular Drive in Romance candle, an introductory prelude of florals scent the air.   This gradually gives way to the first main theme which lasts longer, a interlude of balsamic notes ending with a postlude of cassis and rose, ultimately changing your mood just as music can.

We’ve tried and tested all the scents mentioned in this article, and can testify that each leaves a clean, non-chemical fragrance throughout the house, and as an added bonus, the simple, cream-and-black glasses that house each candle look lovely in any room. But best of all, the home perfumes the candles leave really do have an effect on mood–especially when paired with a bit of music. And what better way to create a romantic atmosphere this Valentine’s Day than by filling the boudoir with the scent of song?

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.



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