3 Luxury Home Brands Turning Rubbish Into Furniture

By Brenda O’Connor

Once upon a (horrible) time, luxury furniture was made out of rare materials like teak, ivory and exotic animal skins. But all of that is changed, and today home owners with a conscience look down upon crocodile-skin covered chairs with horror, and covet home interior items made out of recycled objects.

Luxury home brands are fully aware of this, and are coming up with highly creative ways to upcycle what may would consider trash into elegant pieces of home decor. Here, I’ve found 3 luxury brands that are turning rubbish into furniture, rather beautifully!

Room In A Box Cardboard Beds

Bed and mattress retailer Happy Beds has joined forces with German-based Room in a Box to become the UK’s first and only supplier of an eco-friendly, innovative corrugated cardboard bed.

Made of 100% cardboard – 70% of which is from recycled materials, and 100% can be recycled in future – the minimalist-design bed comes in four colours and boasts strong eco-credentials. It’s easy to assemble thanks to its concertina design, and with no screws, nuts or tools required, users can avoid the plastics and harmful products that sometimes come with the purchase of a traditional-style bed.

This alternative material bed is not only vegan and low-emission, but stylish and durable too. Designed with versatility in mind, the hard-wearing bed can easily be moved or stored when not in use, proving an adaptable option for both space-stretched and design-focused individuals.

Rubbish Into Furniture cardboard bed

Thrashion Recycled Skateboard Furnishings

Innovative upcycling brand Thrashion has been working secretly with two UK based companies to create a new range of sustainable homeware and living products which include lighting, planters and bags.

The lighting range features four unique design lampshades handcrafted from broken skateboards and created with an integral design that means the lampshades can be constructed to be used with an uplighter lamp or as a pendant lamp.

Thrashion also paired up with Priormade Geo Vessel planters, which are handcrafted cubes of laminated recycled skateboards which have then been cut and shaped by Beck of Priormade into her trademark Geometric planter.

Natalie at Thrashion says “All my products are handmade from recycled skateboard wood, which I have been recycling direct from the UK skateboard industry for over 10 years. When I started making ‘Thrashion’ I was the first maker in the UK to use recycled skateboards in this way.  Working and collaborating with other makers allows me to push the boundaries in my design and create unique and new products to keep ahead of the rest of the market.”

Little Tree Furniture

Little Tree Furniture makes quirky home decor gems by upcycling formerly functional pieces of furniture that have been thrown out. The British brand gives them a new lease on life by reshaping, sanding and painting them, mixing and matching parts, and adding new accessories like hinges and handles. The furniture is intentionally left looking distressed to give it a shabby chic vibe. It could be argued that the resulting pieces are even more beautiful than they were in their original lives!

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3 thoughts on “3 Luxury Home Brands Turning Rubbish Into Furniture”

  1. Thrashion claim to upcycle and hand make all of their products but looking on their website most of it is manufactured by other companies and sold under the Thrashion ‘handmade’ label.

    1. Hi Cate, thanks for your comments! I didn’t see their website, instead I got a press release about how Thrashion collaborated with an interior decorator to create home ware that’s made from upcycled skateboards. Everything they sent us was made from upcycled skateboards, including all their lamps and pots. Hope that helps?

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