8 Ethical Fashion Brands Moving Into Your Home

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

The Versatility of Creativity is shown by those artistic minds who want to grapple with more than one medium to express their artistry. There are some designers who have done so by expanding their fashion brand from clothing people to adorning homes.

A designer’s eclectic approach is educational to consumers who can be inspired by the way the imagination of one person can   jump from an animated body to a static room, all in the name of sustainable creativity. These designers who are committed to both fashion and homeware will open your mind:

1. Olivia & Elena

This colourful brand is aimed at helping women in one of the world’s poorest countries: Guatemala. Here, ethically paid weavers use time honoured skills to create brightly hued cloth handbags and purses that add a bit of liveliness to typically dark toned city outfits. And for the home? Well, they offer huipils – these are actually traditional blouses, but are constructed in such a way that they look wonderful as cushion covers, or hung as a wall hanging. Check them out!

Ethical Fashion Brands

2. Wild Tussah

Wild Tussah is empowering communities in Southeast Asia through fashion. The brand’s mission is to preserve cultural traditions through promoting local people’s talents for weaving and embroidering. Lu, Cham, and Hmong artisans weave beautifully coloured natural fabrics that Wild Tussah designs into home decor and accessories.  

3. Gudrun Sjödén  

Swedish designer Gudrun Sjödén’s joie de vivre is reflected in both her colourful clothing designs and cheerful home accessories. Both ranges are wide, covering every imaginable garment and home accessory, and all are decorated with multicoloured patterns on all natural fabrics including organic cotton, linen and wool.


4. Alabama Chanin  

A pioneer in eco fashion, Alabama Chanin now offers minimalistic, classic pieces for the home, too. Her organic cottons and jerseys are sourced sustainably from seed to fabric, and whether it’s an oven mitt, canvas bins or a comfy dress, you can rest assured that it has been ethically made by talented American artisans, too.

5. Rêve en Vert

Ever since 2013, Reve en Vert has been dedicated to bringing the best of design-led eco fashion to customers on the internet. The online shop has become so popular that Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker have expanded their offerings from clothing to now include a selection of beauty products and home wares. They’ve even launched an in house label, which includes basics like tees and undies.

6. Apoccas

Alexandra Du Sold changed her life completely after a trip to the Balinese paradise of Ubud. Her experience there led her to quit her job at a hedge fund and reignite her passion for high-end natural textiles. In this way, her new venture called Apoccas was born. Using botanical dyes on natural fibres, the brand creates exquisite accessories for the home and body crafted by master weavers in Isaan and the North of Thailand.

7. Rose B. Brown

Rose Brown’s elegant, British made knitwear offers a kaleidoscopic range of patterns in a sophisticated palette of neutral and grey tones, splashed with a touch of vibrant colours. Rose may be based in the UK, but her know-how comes from what’s arguably the epicentre of knitting: Peru. It was there where she undertook a design residency for the non-profit organisation  Awamaki, which works with women’s co-operatives to give them economic opportunities.  The insights Rose acquired there on the importance of craftsmanship and stewardship of the earth led her to create beautiful eco friendly accessories collections for human beings and their dwellings.

8. Odette Blum  

An interior designer and design consultant, Odette Blum is taking a new direction in which she refers to as ‘humble luxury’. Working hard to redefine the idea of what ‘luxury’ is, Odette Blum plays homage to the beauty of the artisanal. Inspired by her world travels, she is now collaborating with selected brands, master artisans and artists from around the world, to give them a platform to showcase to the world rare one-offs that have been made both with love and with generations of skill.

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