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By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Leonardo Di Caprio is not only a great actor, he’s also a huge eco-advocate, speaking out often about global warming. But he doesn’t just talk the talk–Leo is fully dedicated to leading an eco lifestyle himself.dicaprio-537x357

He has recently won praise from a range of environmental and energy saving groups for his refusal to charter private jets, choosing to reduce his carbon footprint by flying commercially, as well as driving hybrid cars and using Citi Bike.VMoHC9-zAp4GgaPAPUMKEKpXq5q5aB-AGam6y3YaLtU

Furthermore, the ‘Titanic’ star — who inspired a number of other Hollywood stars, such as Penelope Cruz and Orlando Bloom, to be more eco-friendly — co-wrote, co-produced and narrated the documentary ‘The 11th Hour,’ which discusses the state of the global environment and offered solutions to restoring the planet’s ecosystems.

Most recently, Leo has shown his dedication to sustainability via his real estate choices.

Lately Di Caprio has been spotted in the Big Apple seeking an eco-abode. After months of research, he seems to have chosen a multimillion-dollar apartment in the luxurious and green Delos building in Greenwich Village at 66 East 11th Street. ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ star is so enamoured with the developer, Delos Living — which bills itself as “the pioneer of wellness real estate” — that he has become an investor, and is joining Deepak Chopra and other luminaries on their board of advisers.juX_usW70cJsfHvqxuq8FDu2OOVlI7STXEDcqCrbsbQ

Di Caprio said he was won over by the Delos commitment to environmental sustainability and focus on the well-being of their dwellers: “Delos creates innovative building designs that both enhance human health and improve the environment,” he said.

In the past, President Bill Clinton expressed his praise of Delos Living, underlining how this company  reshapes the way homes are built by consciously placing personal well-being and sustainability at the heart of all design and construction decisions.  All of this is attained by combining medical research with architectural and engineering advancements into living environments; developing and integrating wellness pathways by focusing on indoor air quality, lighting, water quality, visual acuity, physical comfort, acoustics and psychological impacts within the living environment.V5bBeZsbOO41l1S3xoHyOsU9P3qgG7jkARTe5mpRHkE

Delos  homes rigorously follow the Well Building StandardⓇ guidelines that limit pollutants, toxins and other environment conditions that pose immediate and long-term threats to health; provide optimal light for enhancing the circadian rhythm (improving sleep and productivity); improve nutrition by enabling healthier eating choices; and provide design and technological solutions for lowering stress. Leo has even purchased a Vitamin C infused shower for his place! No wonder this real estate company — that supports cardiovascular, respiratory and immune health among other important health domains — is projected to pass one trillion dollars in 2017.UkIqMoC96DbL7R82XBdSWD54-JqCuCMI8K3YpyK5JiY

Di Caprio’s new home is within the world’s first WELL Certifiedâ„ ¢ apartment residence. The certification only came out this month, marking an unprecedented benchmark for luxury living and science-based wellness technologies and designs. This particular wellness structure is a result of a vigorous five year research with Columbia University doctors and scientists, architects, designers, and wellness leaders, and is pretty much guaranteed to make residents healthier than they ever could be living in a draughty, mouldy old brownstone.

Seems like Leo has found the perfect way to enjoy the Big Apple each day keep the doctor away!

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