Andy Gregg: Recycled Bicycle Furniture Design

By Branka Prica

‘One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure’, or so the saying goes. Andy Gregg finds a lot to treasure about old, discarded bikes.

Artist and bike mechanic Gregg is the founder of Bike Furniture Design, a manufacturing studio specialising in contemporary, modern furniture made primarily from recycled bicycles: namely steel and aluminium rims, handlebars, and frames.  Gregg has been making furniture from bikes since about 1990, but he eventually turned the enterprise into “more of a business,” he says, seven or eight years ago.

Upcycled bike stools
Upcycled bike stools

He says he was greatly influenced by his years spent in bike shops and of course, by a passion for cycling. But importantly, he was also inspired by his growing eco-awareness.  “I’m glad that environmentally friendly materials have been growing in popularity, and there are many designers like me who think some trash is just too good for the garbage. I am trying to make playful, modern, sometimes even elegant pieces from bike parts. Sometimes I also use train and automobile windows for tabletops, or surplus automotive seat-belt webbing for seating upholstery”, he says.

Funky recycled bike chair
Funky recycled bike chair

The result is fun, functional and almost artistic looking recycled bicycle furniture. Many pieces could pass for sculptures, and appeal to sports lovers and ecophiles alike. They may even inspire some to fulfil their fitness resolutions. One blogger said of the furniture: “(it) has inspired me to want to do more than just recycle. I actually want to ride a bike again.”

Andy Gregg at work
Andy Gregg at work

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Images: courtesy Andy Gregg


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