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Vegan Watches By Lian & Mez: High Tech Meets Pineapples

By Arwa Lodhi

Whilst vegans have always been attracted to wood watches due to their absence of leather, you have to admit that although wood looks great, it can be hard to wear for people who like to sleep, swim and shower with their watches. Fortunately, a new German brand called LIAN & MÈZ is now offering a timepiece for all eco conscious consumers which is high quality, totally sustainable and completely cruelty free.

The  brand is driven by respect, responsibility and consciousness towards our planet and its people – they strongly believe that everyone can wear beautiful things without  compromising environment or creating a negative impact to it.

German design and craftsmanship combines with that most innovative of vegan fabrics, Piñatex, to create their  first collection of watches, called “Fifth Season” – the season of sustainability. All their straps are handmade in Germany from pineapple leaf fibres. Piñatex fibres are super sustainable, as they’re a by-product of the pineapple harvest and no extra land, water,  fertilizers  or pesticides are required to produce them. Originally developed in Philippines, today  Piñatex production provides new additional income for farmers while creating new industry for pineapple  growing countries. Oh, and of course, Piñatex is fully PETA vegan certified.

To ensure premium quality, LIAN & MÈZ work  with leading German watchmakers, who use only the  best materials, such as Sapphire Crystal Glass and Premium 316L Stainless steel. The timepieces also boast Swiss made movement and are Water Resistant. We love that the straps look and feel as soft as real leather, even coming in metallic versions, but are completely cruelty-free.

Best of all, the watches can be customized according to your  taste – they come in two different sizes (36 and 40 mm) with different cases, dials, indices and strap combinations – in total, there are 96 different possible watch combinations.

If it’s time for you to get a vegan and eco-friendly watch, you may be in luck. On Sunday, the  26th February  the brand’s Kickstarter campaign is offering a Very Early bird special, where everyone can get their first “Fifth Season” watch for  50% off its retail price. For more information, please click here.

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