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Petrified Wood Perfection by Lucky Nelly

By Chere Di Boscio

Think back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and the concept of religions, nations and borders had yet to be invented. Rich, thick vegetation, including towering Sequoia trees, covered the planet.
Today you can wear a piece of this pre-historical beauty, thanks to the designs of Christine Rochlitz, head of Lucky Nelly accessories.
Rarer than diamonds, these finely sliced pieces of petrified wood are millions of years old. Set on cork ‘chains’ and completely eco-friendly, the wood originated from what’s now Oregon in the USA. Β No more of these stones have been excavated, as the valley from which they came was flooded, making them extremely rare indeed.
Moreover, as the tree suffered from dry rot, there’s a unique herringbone pattern in the grain, which became Β filled with agate–some even became filled with tiny sparkling crystals which contribute to the fragile nature of this stone/wood.


Their neutral, unisex design makes these unique stone accessories the perfect gift for any lover of history, nature or jewellery this holiday season.

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