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Inspired by Nature: Kevia Jewellery

By Arwa Lodhi

Those who know that jewellery can be both beautiful and sustainable are probably fans of Kevia Jewellery. Kevia Jeffrey-West not only creates 100% eco-friendly jewellery, but the well-known designer also implemented practices into her business that care for the Earth.



For example, her latest collection consists entirely of 100% recycled metal as well as recycled wood and sustainably sourced and naturally treated horn, which is biodegradable, but there’s much more to Kevia’s eco consciousness than that.


For every horn piece purchased from her Nouveau Collection, for example, Kevia ensures a tree is planted in the USA. So far, this policy has resulted in the planting of 1,300+ new trees! Kevia also sticks to her guns about sustainability by ensuring every element of the brand contributes to making the planet a better place.


To give just a few examples of how Kevia does this, her factories filter runoff water whenever they can, in addition to using a streamlined packaging system that reduces all shipping, storage, and labelling materials needed.


Her offices use only recyclable items, compost their food waste, and power with green and renewable energy. Kevia even heats her administrative office with natural gas and purchases offsets to counter 100% of her greenhouse gas emissions. Her passion for combining primitive materials with touches of bling, as well as her total dedication to helping preserve the environment truly makes Jeffrey-West stand apart.


Of course, the beauty of Kevia’s gestures are only matched by her jewellery, which is inspired by nature, be it the smooth texture of horn, the spiky claw of a beetle, or the shape of a crescent moon.



Such designs resonate with customers, putting Kevia in high demand, and now the brand is carried by American giants Fred Segal, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie just to name a few, and Kevia’s bold, chunky signature pieces have also been featured in hundreds of publications from Seventeen to Elle.


Kevia also has celebrity fans such as Katherine Heigl, Teri Hatcher, Katie Couric and Norah Jones wearing her work: these are all strong, successful women who want to wear beautiful jewellery without damaging the environment. Just like us!


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