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Green Karat: Creating (and Recreating) Heirlooms

By Lauren Belcher

The first thing most of us do when a friend announces their engagement is, of course, ask to say the ring.  We ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over the size of the gems and the choice of gold or platinum, but rarely do we ask ‘is the diamond ethical?’ But we should: engagement and wedding rings seem a whole lot less romantic when you realise the production of one gold ring generates about 20 tons of waste. And anyone who has watched Blood Diamond has an idea of the conflict being exacerbated by the jewellery industry.


But Green Karat rings are truly ecological: they use recycled gold from old jewellery. You can choose from one of their products or customise your own – either way it will be made specifically for you. And if you’d like to wear your grandmother’s ring but are a different size, or have an heirloom you’d love to wear but think needs a bit of a style update, they can use the components to make a new piece for a reduced price.


Green Karat aren’t just interested in their diamonds being labelled ‘conflict free’ as many on the market now are, they want them to be green too. That means they use diamonds which are made in a lab. The general consensus is that they look and feel the same as dug-up diamonds without carrying the hefty environmental price-tag or potentially funding war.


Green Karat don’t restrict you to a gold diamond ring though. They use other recycled metals like white gold or platinum and other gems such as lab grown sapphires or emeralds. And fortunately, for those of us not rushing down the aisle, they do earrings and other accessories too!

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