Desired and Designer: Vintage Jewellery

Designer-Vintage Makes Jewellery Dreams Come True

By Chere Di Boscio

European capitals are full of treasures, and you don’t even need a map to find them. All you have to do to is stumble into one of these city’s many consignment shops to discover rare pieces from top designer jewellery houses like Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier and Yves Saint Laurent.

But if it’s too cold, or too far, to head to these shops, there are treasures to be found in your own home too– online, that is.

Hermes Ring Designer-Vintage.comWith just a click of a mouse, unique, pre-loved jewels could be yours. Designer-Vintage is a shop that specialises in hard-to-find luxury vintage jewellery by the world’s top brands. There’s a plethora of gorgeous choices in myriad materials, but if you’re after the rarest, most coveted items, you’ll have to search often, and shop fast.

“The fast movers in our jewellery department are quite steady”, says Karin Barnhoorn, the founder of Designer-Vintage. “Any jewellery from Chanel carries the ‘sold’ label within a few days, and if you have a Col de Chien bracelet by HermΓ¨s in the back of your walk-in closet, do yourself a favour: dust it off and put it up for sale. There’s a queue of people waiting to own one”.

If you’re one of those people who have their eye on something specific like the Col de Chien bracelet, then Designer-Vintage can help make your wishes come true: as soon as your desired designer piece is available, you’ll receive a mail alert 24 hours before it goes on sale to the public.

labelAccording to Barnhoorn, this luxury platform revolves around eco-chic recycling: customers can sell one piece, and then buy one piece, making jewellery purchases not only carbon neutral, but cost neutral too. Truly a vintage jewellery lover’s dream come true.

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