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Dallas Maynard: Gothic Girl

By Cailyn Cox

If personal aesthetics are external representations of oneself, Dallas Maynard must be a contemporary, nature-loving Gothic Girl.

Her hand-made jewellery line makes use of natural elements like bones, teeth and claws, as well as fossilised ocean creatures, paying homage to the primal world, as well as the Native American idea of using the natural materials around you for adornment.

There is a sense of mysticism in her pieces, and something sculptural too. In fact, Maynard became increasingly intrigued by the concept of wearable sculpture, and began her journey into jewellery-making through that facet. She is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California, and casts all her work in small batches, reducing the toxins and black smoke that often come from large-scale jewellery production.

The jeweller herself also states that she is also eco-friendly, because “I use reclaimed and recycled materials and metals when casting and fabricating pieces. My brand really encompasses ‘waste-not-want-not’, using even the leftover scraps and turning them into something useful, beautiful and meaningful”.

Her line also stands out for being artistic, very affordable, and unique in its use of natural materials.Β 

To see her collection, please click through the images below.

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