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The Green Good Design Award 2013

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

The Green Good Design Award is the prestigious prize given to 100 companies that have made a difference through providing sustainable solutions in the field of design, graphics, architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning projects.

Its origins date back to 1950, when a NASA space ship and the ubiquitious paper clip were the stars of the show, but over time, the focus of the award shifted to sustainability, and now the Green Good Design Award rewards designers for their employment of sophisticated style and cutting edge technology to make a positive impact on the environment.

Our favourites for this year include Austrian interiors brand Team7 and office furniture designer, Teknion.

Team7 ‘s simply formed furniture is manufactured with toxic-free substances, sculpted from solid, sustainable wood, as opposed to lumber. Team7 was rewarded for using natural materials obtained through strictly controlled siliculture and then treated with natural oils.


Their living room cubus designed by Sebastian Desch includes a table, a Nox bench, and the S1 chair by designer Jacob Strobel. This latter has an optimal ergonomic design and is extremely comfortable, as well as beautiful.

Optos_InterpretTeknion Corporation is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of office systems designed to fit people’s new needs as the world’s economies and cultures evolve and merge.

The Green Good Design awarded Teknion for two of its new products: the Interpret desking system and Optos Low profile architectural wall. Interpret is a contemporary benching and desking system that works for any person, any task, anywhere in the world. A distinctive metal storage program and associated accessories collection with new formats addresses work habits and technology requirements of today’s mobile workers.

The Optos Low Profile walls provide unparalleled access to daylight in interior spaces, offer acoustic privacy and create space division. The structure is minimal, and sophisticated rectilinear profiles blend harmoniously with modern interior architecture. Optos Low Profile has a European aesthetic while being sensitive to North American building needs, and best of all, all materials support LEED initiatives and environmental sustainability.

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