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Siminetti: Pearly Abodes

By Diane Small

Even as far back as ancient times, tiling for the home has been made of sustainable materials including stone, marble and ceramic, which is usually eco-friendly unless it is glazed with lead. But perhaps one of the most glamorous tiling options is Mother of Pearl, and global brand Siminetti promises theirs is completely sustainably sourced.


Coming in 17 colours and 7 styles, each tile is sealed with an eco-friendly resin, ensuring an exceptionally strong mosaic suitable for both wall and floor surfaces–some styles can even be used outdoors or in swimming pools.Β siminetti_home_5a

Eco Friendly Mother of Pearl

Also known as nacre, Mother of Pearl is sourced from the inner shells of mollusks, so may not be considered a vegan friendly option. However, tiles made from this material are mould-resistant, requiring no harsh chemicals for cleaning, and take less energy to create than those constructed from glass or ceramic. Plus, of course, nacre is completely natural material, making it an eco-friendly interior decor option.


In fact, British homes that use Mother of Pearl tiles can gain LEED certification points, helping gain their building the highly respected UK eco-friendly accreditation.

Mother of Pearl tiles can be used to create monochrome looks that glamorously gleam with a brilliant nacre sheen, or they can be used to create mosaics, transforming the simplest of rooms into something reminiscent of the villas of the Roman emperors.

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