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20 Tips for A Zero Waste Lifestyle

By Arwa Lodhi We’ve long admired the glamorous ‘zero waste‘ home guru and blogger, Bea Johnson, who lives by five simple rules: Refuse what you do not need. Reduce what you do need. Reuse by using reusables Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse. Rot (compost) the rest.…

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Germany Helps Argentina Get Solar

By Chere Di Boscio As anyone who has ever lived in South America knows, not all homes are connected to the gas mains, especially poorer households. Consequently, the cry of ‘Hay Gaaaassss’ (‘there is gas’) is loudly emitted from…

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Algae Powered Architecture

By Jody McCutcheon Talk about “green” buildings. Now you can quite literally, because architects and engineers have pushed the design envelope to bring sustainability and the battle against climate change into the domain of the building complex. Consider it better living…