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Holidays Come Home! Eco-Resort Inspired Interior Design Ideas

By Chere Di Boscio

The truth is this: for many of us, we remember the best part of our holidays not being necessarily the country we’re visiting, but the actual resort itself.

Indeed, some resorts are destinations in themselves, which is why some people include places the world’s finest hotels and resorts like the Ritz in Paris or the Taj Mahal Palace on their travel bucket list, but there are plenty of incredible eco-resorts, too, like those below.

And once you visit one of these places, you’ll want to take back a bit of your memories of the place by emulating their style. Whilst some features, like the outdoor bathrooms or freestanding outdoor kitchens that you see in some of the best resorts in places like Bali, may be hard (and expensive!) to replicate, I’ve selected practical (and eco-friendly) items you can add to your home to give it that resort touch.

5 Eco Resort Inspired Interior Design Ideas

1. Alpine Elegance

The resort inspiration: The Alpina, Gstaad

The look: Chic neutrals with the highlight on texture make the perfect nest for cozying up on cold nights. Thick cashmere blankets, rich velvets, rustic ceramics, thick coffee table books, dim lighting and lots of reclaimed wood cladding the walls define this space. Furniture is men’s-club classic: chairs you can really sink into, vast libraries packed with reading material and thick rugs to dim noise.

How to get the look

If you can’t put reclaimed wood cladding on the walls, replicate the look by painting walls in a taupe shade with a non-toxic paint. A Faux Fur Blanket is always very soft and inviting and adds a cozy touch to any bed.  These elegant lamps were designed by none other than America’s Next Top Model’s J Alexander. The Alpina only uses 100% natural cotton sheets, and Nour Luxury makes bedding that the resort would love – no toxic dyes are used, either. Match your ceramics and lamps to your bed colour scheme – these Healing Stone mugs are a great accent, AND they come with a healing crystal embedded in the handle!

2. Boho Charm

The resort inspiration: The Stone House, Bali

The look: Beachy, boho tropical with lots of rattan, indigo dyed rugs, light cotton pillows and gauzy mosquito nets lend a cool, easy chic to this wonderful boutique hotel, nestles in the greenery of Ubud, in Bali.

How to get the look

Rattan mats and storage baskets are an easy addition to your home, as are indigo dyed cushion covers and rugs. Loads of leafy green plants are a must if you don’t have a tropical view outside – if you haven’t got green fingers, this succulent wall tray is a great and easy way to get some plant life in your home – get 4 or more to really make an impact! Try adding some quirky accents made from natural materials, like the rock lamp below. Antique furniture touches are a must here – you can look for great used furniture online from anywhere in the world, here.  


3. Moroccan Exotic

The resort inspiration:  Riad Wow

The look: Mysterious and exotic, with lots of colour, intricately detailed tiles and accessories and lots of metallics highlights, this riad really lives up to its name. North Africans also love to perfume rooms by burning frankincense or having pots of mint tea brewing. Lamps often have exquisite perforations that create lacy shadows on walls and ceilings.

How to get the look

The main thing to go for is the lighting, and that can easily be achieved with the copper  Moroccan lamps, below. Another key here is colour, and this faded cotton velvet bedspread has it in spades. Team it up with loads of soft scatter cushions like these, in different colours. For floors, an elaborately patterned rug like this one below  makes for a great accent- try scattering around different rugs for a more enhanced effect.

4 .Rock Chick Chic

The resort inspiration: The Lakes By Yoo (Kate Moss House)

The look: Glamorous is the word that best describes this style. Fit for rock royalty, it’s an intimate look that suggests nights full of red wine and music, and days full of detox juice and hip reading lists.  Think sensual luxury here: 70’s vintage furnishings, lush silk and velvet accents, top quality bedding and very sexy lighting. Abundant fashion and rock photography help set the mood.

How to get the look

Start with the floors – silk carpets would be ideal, but since they’re pretty pricey, a silk rug may be all you can afford for now. Pay a professional to frame a plethora of images you love in a simple black frame with a nice white background for each to keep some consistency in the aesthetic. Something in silver or gold adds a decadent touch; we love this side table/drinks cart – and we’re sure Kate would, too! The colour scheme here should be reminiscent of gemstones: choose emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red or yellow amethyst for accents like this faux fur cushion, and neutrals for walls and rugs. Finally, if you have the space, try a glamorous wallpaper in a chic pattern like the one below by House of Hackney.

5. Ethnic and Interesting

The resort inspiration: Inkaterra La Casona

The look: This is a Spanish colonial style with a bit of indigenous artisanal flair. Lots of old, preferably carved, wood, antiques, ethnically woven textiles used as throws, wall hangings and carpets define this look.

How to get the look

Depending on where you live, finding Spanish colonial antiques may not be the easiest thing, but you can keep your eye on things that may come up  here. Otherwise,  this can be replicated with plush chairs like the one below  made from 80% recycled materials. Happy with your current furniture? Update it with some ethnic textiles, throws and cushions. Add some wood to your living space for a rustic touch – this chest made from recycled fir wood reflects a bit of the Spanish vibe.

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