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Cabinet Fever: Iannone Designs

By Cailyn Cox

Founder and creator of Iannone Designs, Michael Iannone graduated from Rowan University in 2000 with a BFA in Studio Art and got his start in design working on the precision craft of making custom, solid body electric guitars.


While Iannone still adores music, he’s shifted his focus slightly, to sustainable furniture.


Today, Iannone Designs, based in Philadelphia, concentrates on locally sourced FSC certified wood and formaldehyde-free plywoods, as well as fast growth, eco-friendly boards, including those made from bamboo, sorghum and cork, all of which are treateed with low-VOC water-based topcoats and finally finished with an all-natural hand applied oil wax, proving beyond a doubt that furniture design can be sustainable and stylish.


The firm mainly manufactures sideboards, drawers and tables in a selection of designs. Chroma, for example, is clearly inspired by 1950s modernism, with its bright colours and Jetson shapes, whilst the Dandelion range features white gloss laminate. The company is also known for its skill in etching designs onto wood, lending a rustic, Ski-lodge feeling to the furniture.

Given that most pressed board wood furniture contains dangerous VOCs, and because so much mass manufactured furniture is homogenising interiors around the globe, we laud Iannone Designs for the eco-friendly and innovative approach.

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