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FLAT Furniture: Dead Cool

By Chere Di Boscio

Wood, when properly sourced from sustainable forests, is one of the most eco-friendly materials around, but FLAT furniture goes one step further, making wood even ‘greener’ by using only fallen and dead trees.

Based in Istanbul, every piece of furniture made by FLAT is derived from 100% natural and recycled materials. The company’s goal is to meet human needs while respecting nature, and indeed, a deep respect for both comes through in their designs–they are practical, beautiful, and above all, sustainable.


Take the C Level Executive Desk, for example. Made out of recycled brass and fallen walnut, the unit is stocked with 4 large drawers, 250cm of working space, and a top shelf too. It makes a statement about the taste and importance of the person working from it but also speaks volumes about their eco values.


FLAT also designs lighting, and our favourite by far is the minimalist GOGO lamp, which, with its singular, simple bulb atop a piece of fallen wood, looks like some kind of early electricity experiment.


Many who work with wood claim they are interested in the material because each piece is different; each has its own texture, grain and density. But the founders of FLAT claim they became fascinated by wood after realising that the  length of the roots of a tree is equal to that of the trunk and leaves. This perfect symmetry now inspires their designs, but they will also create customised works for each client, and they will take on location-specific furniture and lighting design commissions to cater to clients’ varied functional needs and tastes.

FLAT may use fallen and dead wood in their furniture, but there’s no question that with their clean aesthetic, modernist twist and perfect craftsmanship, they truly bring eco-design to life.

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