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Zadig & Voltaire Get Smart

Zadig and Votaire’s Smart Fortwo Car Design

By Jody McCutcheon

Few cars boast a smaller footprint, literally and figuratively, than a Smart car. At about 34 city miles per gallon, the parking-friendly Smart Fortwo is a model of fuel efficiency. And in collaboration with the French urban fashion brand Zadig & Voltaire, Smart is now stylishly luxe as well.


The Zadig & Voltaire Smart Fortwo is even more elusive than a new Chanel bag, as only three hundred will be made. Available in coupe or cabriolet with black finish and silver trim (or silver finish and black trim), the car comes equipped with either a 71hp or 84hp petrol motor and a maximum speed of approximately 145km/h.


The normally staid Smart car ramps up the style and luxury with perks like LED-based daytime running lights, coloured mirror caps, and a “smart by ZV” tag plate affixed frequently around the car exterior. The interior is even more chic, as seats, dashboard bottom and door interior boast sumptuously shiny black-and-anthracite leather festooned with bright yellow stitching. Embroidered in yellow on the seat back are the words “smart by ZV.” No one will mistake the designers of this car.

The Zadig & Voltaire Smart Fortwo comes with a navigation/multimedia package that includes automatic headlights, rain sensor and power mirrors. Buyers will also receive men’s and woman’s custom edition Zadig & Voltaire wristwatches. Retail price for the coupe is €17,100, while the cabriolet goes for €20,450. Fuel efficient, luxurious and affordable–what else are you looking for in a car?


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