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Z Car by Zaha Hadid Earns an A+

By Nick Miles

Ok, the truth is, we don’t know much about Zaha Hadid’s Z car, because none are on the road. You can’t test drive it, because it’s only currently a concept car, which we first saw on display at the Eco Tech House section of the Grand Designs Live Show, in London.

What we do know is that the Z. Car is a hydrogen powered, zero emission city car for two people, all on a three wheel base, and that it wasΒ commissioned by art dealer Kenny Schachter from the world’s most futuristic architect, Ms. Hadid. We also know that its streamlined form, functionality, quiet operation and aerodynamic performance make it one of the most futuristically gorgeous car designs we’ve seen in awhile.

To really get a feeling for how the car really functions and looks, you need to check out thisΒ video.


All images courtesy Zaha Hadid architects

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