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Agile and Eco: the Eagle Yacht

By Nick Miles

One easy way to observe evolution is to see the similarities between birds and fish: wings and fins, scales and feathers both allow for fluid movements in both sky and air.

eagleyacht05This concept must have resonated with Darko Markovic, a talented young Serbian designer who has married the grace of flight with flotation to create the Eagle Yacht.


This 8 metre long, 3 metre wide electric powerboat boasts a fine set of sporty features including a powerful engine allowing for high speed rides, and comfortable, moulded interiors.


The exterior is Β covered with Voltaic solar panels, β€œKevlar” fibres, and runs on a 250 KW Direct Drive Jet Propulsion System.


While the design of the Eagle Yacht is undoubtedly outstanding, what we like the most is that it allows for high speed travel over the water without any pollution: there are no emissions, and the boat is silent, allowing nature to be at peace, even if the driver’s heart is racing as fast as the boat.


To see more of Markovic’s projects, please click Β here.

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    Apr 1, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    Woooowww! This is super cool! How much??

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