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Southwest Windpower Air 30: Making Clean Energy a Breeze

By Diane Small

Lucky for some people they live in climes where the sun never stops shining. Moroccans, Spanish, and Arabs can easily harness the power of the sun to provide their homes and businesses with clean energy.

We here in the UK are not so lucky, however. But we do have one advantage: wind.

Southwest knows this too well, and has created the Southwest Windpower Air 30 Residential Wind Turbine to transform wind energy into power for your abode.


The turbine provides a maximum power of 400 watts at a wind speed of 28mph and needs just a small breeze to start. It is made to withstand winds up to 110mph, and is so quiet, no one will even know it is powering your home. It’s fairly attractive, too: less clunky than most solar panels, and is slightly reminiscent of an Β old-fashioned flagpole.


With gale force winds blustering through the UK this winter, and after many households from New York, USA to York, UK without electricity due to extreme weather, it seems almost a shame not every household comes equipped with one of these.

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