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DIY Cars: Soon Modular Vehicles

By Nick Miles

The European design team at Fritsch Durisotti has a lot of creative ideas for a better world: eco housing, sustainable interiors, and of course, eco transport.


The duo, who recently impressed visitors to their stall at Sustainable Luxury 1.168 in Paris,  have designed several beautiful wooden bikes, but for those who need to go a bit further or have passengers to carry, they’ve developed something a bit faster and more complex called Soon.


Yes, that’s right–‘Soon’ is the name of their module-fitted vehicle. Fitted with an energy efficient fuel cell, this futuristic car is characterised by its chassis and the dissociation of the passenger.


This separation allows for a unique system of differentiated vehicle offerings, ranging  from a minimum standard component consisting of a cockpit and frame, and allows the user to select different frame sizes, extended cockpits, and several chests and containers of varying sizes.


Components for Soon modular vehicles can be selected based on need, i.e. a growing family, or a temporary situation, such as moving house or taking a holiday, in which case add-on containers can be rented.


Essentially, rather than filling the role of a traditional car salesman, the Soon dealer is an assembler of components with the goal of satisfying  every customer’s request. The interior remains intimate and personal while the rest of the vehicle is completely flexible.


While the logistics of setting up dealerships may be somewhat complex, we think modulated vehicles offering less waste and more possibilities for urban drivers is a concept whose time should have come even sooner.


For more information, please click here.

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