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Novague Studio’s Solar Yacht

By Nick Miles

Novague Studio Β have come up with a zero emissions boat that’s 100% gorgeous.

Propelled by a solar powered electric engine, the Novague yacht features two solar panel ‘wings’ on the side of the boat, which can spread out to catch some rays as soon as the onboard batteries start to deplete.

novague-boat-design4 novague-boat-design1

The concept is simple: energy generated by the photovoltaic members is stored in battery packs for successive usage. The aerodynamic design of the yacht reduces drag and improves the efficiency of the electric propulsion system.

According to the designer: “The key idea was an interesting play of shapes. The concept is based on the surprising moment when the organic shape changes into a huge construction as the solar panels extend”.

novague-boat-design6 novague-boat-design3

Award winning industrial designer Petr Novak wanted to create a solar energy boat as “a way to prevent the oceans and the seas from oil and toxic garbage contamination.”

The design is already 6 years old, but still looks fresh–and besides, we think that given the amount of sunshine on the seas, a solar yacht just makes sense.

novague-boat-design5 novague-solar-powered-electric-yacht-concept_4_ybnyb_69

For more information on Novague Studios, Β please click here

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