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It’s a Bike! It’s a Car! No…it’s a Human Electric Vehicle!

By Nick Miles

It may look like something out of a superhero cartoon, but the  Human Electric Vehicle  is an eco-friendly  three-wheeled, vehicle that takes its inspiration from car, kayak, bike and motorcycle design.


Fuelled by both the pedal power of a bicycle and an electric engine that runs from the energy generated by a small number of solar panels, a tablet computer is also included in this innovative mode of transportation to allow ‘drivers’ to see their mileage and speed.


The brainchild of Minnesota-based designer Lyon Smith and CEO Rich Kronfeld, the duo claim the street-legal Human Electric Vehicle can travel up to  100 mph, running between 50 and 75 miles before needing a recharge.


Because three-wheeled modes of transport qualify as motorcycles and are thus exempt from various taxes and congestion charges, there has recently been renewed interest in them from consumers. After showing their first  prototype  at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, the pair now plan to develop the concept further, and construct a redesigned version later this year.

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    Feb 25, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    i want one – super cool!

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