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Etch: Make a Statement on your Tech

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

What are you reading this on? Your laptop? Your smartphone?

No matter what the device, chances are you’ve got something to protect it from falls, spills and other accidents. Unfortunately, whatever you’ve got for this purpose is probably made of very eco-unfriendly plastic or foam.



Unhappy with the idea of plastic being used to protect already non-green items, Seb Bagnall founded Etch.

Etch makes tech protectors from sustainable bamboo cases, and besides loving these for being eco-friendly, we adore Etch because each case can be personalised with a unique design.


Bagnall, based in Portsmouth, previously worked in the consumer electronics and digital design industries before founding Etch. He chose bamboo for the base of his products because bamboo is “much more sustainable (than wood) but also very strong and easy to machine with equally great results when engraved.” Β Of course, Etch can also directly engrave tech products like laptops, the backs of tablets, and certain phones, if you choose not to have a protector at all (the most eco-friendly option!)


While some have criticised bamboo for not being truly eco-friendly, especially when processed to make fabrics like Tercel, Bagnall is quick to disagree: “bamboo is a grass, and like every other species of grass, it grows incredibly quickly; some species of bamboo can even grow 100cm in 24 hours! Once it’s harvested, it can regrow in exactly the same place with no need to replant unlike tress. If bamboo is grown responsibly and certified under the FSC approval then it is truly sustainable, as it can also be grown organically,” he states.

Most design requests are quite sweet–lovers wanting anniversary dates, pictures of each other, or messages of love. But there is another side to that coin, too: Seb says that one of the most unusual orders he’s ever had was by a betrayed woman, who wanted an image of the ‘other woman’ on a phone case, along with some abusive words for her ex.

What would you choose to put on your case?

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