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Eco Friendly Gifts for Guys

By Chere Di Boscio

Whether it’s an anniversary, Father’s Day, Christmas, a birthday or other occasion, getting gifts for guys can be tricky. Technology means CDs and DVDs are no longer an option; he probably already has all the games he loves; there’s only so much organic skincare stuff they need, and clothes are kind of a question of personal taste…

So  what to get for the guy in your life? It’s pretty easy–most men love nothing more than the latest gadget. And if it’s eco friendly, energy saving or better yet, money saving, then you really can’t go wrong. Think about what he does and wears in his daily life too–this could give you a clue about  what kind of gift you could give that  could make that habit a bit greener.

We’ve compiled what we think is a list of the best  10 eco friendly gifts for guys, be they your dad, brother, partner, boss or friend.

1. Solar Suntree

Most people may have a few little plants on their desks, but smart ones have an entire tree: a Solar Suntree, that is.

This little device in the shape of a tree is made from sustainable bamboo, and serves as a stylish, cordless charging station for  iPods, phones, tablets, MP3 players and other small electronic devices. Run purely on solar power, it clearly needs to be placed closed to a window, but its multiple branches and constant charge makes it perfect for the guy who already has loads of tech devices but never seems to be able to find enough chargers when he needs them.

For where to buy,  please click here.  


2. FlyKy Bike Wheel

FlyKly Smart Wheel is the ideal gift for the commuter in your life.

Riding becomes so much easier with FlyKly–if the rider is tired, going uphill, or simply feeling lazy, he can fit the FlyKy wheel on to any bike. With this little device, a motor turns on when you start pedalling and begins accelerating to your desired speed. It’s perfectly safe since the motor stops when you stop, and is designed to fit any bicycle frame. It comes in different sizes and colours and the installation is incredibly easy, as there are no wires or other gadgets to install. All you have to do is remove your rear wheel, replace it with the Smart Wheel and you’re all set.

For more info, see:

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3. Ecobutton

The Ecobutton is the perfect stocking stuffer for the thrifty man. It’s a simple device that puts your computer to sleep when you are away from the desk, helping to save energy and monitoring the energy you are saving. It claims to save as much as £50 a year.

The ‘button’ is attached to a usb adapter, which will plug into your desktop or laptop. When you press the button, it puts your computer into sleep mode, and monitors the savings being made.

For more information, please click here.


4. Bird Photo Booth

Does your man love nature? Enjoy photography? Then this is a wonderful, novel gift.  The Bird Photo Booth is a bird feeder that lets you remotely snap pictures of animals enjoying their lunches. Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can link to your smartphone or GoPro in the feeder to see exactly what’s going on in your back yard. Got pushy squirrels trying to steal the food? No worries: the device also allows video chat if you want to scare a way a particularly pushy  intruder.

For more info, please see:  ThinkGeek


5. MBotanicals Candle

Guys want their homes to smell nice too, but let’s face it–most scented candles are a bit girly, both in scent and packaging. Not so these minimalist ones by MBotanicals, and this tobacco scent has a lovely smoky green aroma that appeals to both genders. Get one here.



6. Cycle Atom Battery Pack

Great for the guy who loves cycling so much that his phone loses its charge because he’s out so long! Also perfect for commuters. With the Cycle Atom, a small generator with electronic power regulation charges a battery pack that has a USB port as you cycle. The generator fits in between the rear wheel and the bike frame and is easily fitted to bikes with quick-release wheels. A USB cable can be used to charge your electronic device while also charging the battery pack at the same time.

The revolutions of the rear wheel power a generator that provides charge to a separate battery pack. This battery pack has a USB port that allows your guy to plug in and charge his smart phone, camera or other electrical gadget when he’s on the go. He can also  use the battery pack to charge his phone after he stops, as the charge will remain, of course–meaning there’s never an excuse not to call you!

For more info, please click here.


7. The Power Plus Meerkat

Perfect for the outdoorsy guy who loves camping, this LED gadget transforms from a torch into a lantern, simply by expanding the harmonica design. The PowerPlus Meerkat is an efficient lighting gadget with 800% lighting to charge efficiency. This means that after only 1 minute on charge, the light shines for 8!

From a compact LED flashlight to a lantern with an integrated hanging system, this really does suit every outdoor lighting need. Bonus: it also doubles up as an emergency phone charger, giving your guy what could be crucial extra minutes talk time when he’s on an outdoor adventure.

For more info, please click here.


8. EcoHustler Canteen

Does your dude drink a lot of tea/coffee/soup? Get a takeaway beverage every day? Love to camp? Then this canteen from the eco friendly EcoHustler site is the perfect gift–it will save on disposable paper cups and looks pretty cool too. Want it? Click here.


9. Basic Tee by People Tree

You really can’t go wrong with a basic tee, and these ones by People Tree are made with organic cotton and bamboo and come in navy and grey. Click here to see more.


10. Elvis and Kresse Wallet

Sure, he may have a wallet, but is it beaten and battered and kind of embarrassing? This one by Elvis and Kresse is really, really durable–because it’s made of old firehoses! Which makes it pretty cool, too. Click here to get one.



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