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Smokin’! Cigarette+AMG’s Electro-Boat

By Nick Miles

For the first time ever, the battery technology that allows electric cars to run at high speeds has been adapted to a new kind of vehicle–the motorboat.


The partnership between two mega-brands, Germany’s AMG, which powers Mercedes vehicles, and Florida’s racing brand, Cigarette, has resulted in the production of the fastest electric motorboat in the world.


Boasting 2220 horsepower and a top speed that goes above 100mph, the Cigarette/AMG boat is fuelled by four high-tech lithium-ion batteries, each of which has a total of 48 module and 3,456 cells. Individual motors deliver 138kW each, and each drive has its own transmission at the rear.


This unique neon green boat is produced in the same shade as the Electric Mercedes SLS, in keeping with the colours, and eco-connotations, of the SLS’s image. It seems the future of motor boating is indeed bright–bright green, that is!

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