BMW’s Husqvarna Concept Bike

All European city dwellers now see electric cars every day, but electric motorcycles are still unusual. But possibly not for long.

BMW truly leads the pack in electric vehicle innovation–after the introduction of their sporty Cruise Bike, the company has now launched something with a bit more bite: their Husqvarna concept motorcycle.


It’s a sleek, beautifully designed, high tech product, super light at only 80kg.Β This sporty electric bike is perfect for speeding around the city, slipping in and out of traffic with ease, although it should be said that Husqvarna was usually more associated with off-road biking, until BMW acquired it in 2007. Since then, the designs have been further streamlined andΒ Β updated, and BMW’s recent dedication to sustainability has given the motorcycle an eco and aesthetic twist.

Less clunky than a scooter yet not as polluting (in terms of noise and emissions) as most motorbikes, we think this baby is the beginning of a new trend in motorcycling that will make most of the models we see today quickly seem as archaic as a Cuban Cadillac.



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